Oh My Haul - Tesco Direct (Natio Bargains!)


Every once in a while I like to have a look on Tesco Direct to see if I can spot any bargains. In the past I've found some heavily reduced products especially in the Health & Beauty section so I know it's worth a look now and again. 

To my luck I discovered natural brand Natio to be majorly reduced... I'm talking serious bargain here! Along with a few other products. 

When purchasing from Tesco Direct especially if I'm placing an impulse order I always use the Click & Collect Service as it's totally free. I can generally pick up my order from my local store within 1-2 days which is great. Also no minimum order is required. I wish more website had this fast and free service... yes, I'm looking at you Boots.

Natio Meditate Shower Gel - £2.25 here (RRP £9.00)
Natio Smooth Eye Liner in Brown - £1.70 here (RRP £6.80)
Natio Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss in Coconut - £1.70 here (RRP £5.50)

As you can see I got some total bargain here! It seems the whole Natio line may be disappearing from Tesco Direct so everything is reduced here. My star buy has to be the Smooth Eyeliner, so creamy and lovely - tempted to purchase a few back-ups at this price before they all go! Also the Ultra Shiny Fruit Glosses come in 4 shades and for £1.70 you can't go wrong. As for the shower gel I did discover it contained sulfates which was disappointing for me so I will have to pass it on to something else, but if you don't avoid SLS's then it's a lovely shower gel for the price.

Prices start from as little as £1.40 on Natio products so it may be a good idea to think about a few Christmas presents here! Especially the cosmetics and Wellness range which is so nicely packaged. I have a feeling I will be placing another order to collect before the month is out!


Barbara Daly Lipstick in Peony - £1.49 (RRP £6.00)
Kings & Queens Cinnamon Orange Soap - £2.66 here (RRP £4.00)

Now the Barbara Daly Lipstick was a 100% impulse... I certainly don't need any more lipsticks and I couldn't even find swatches of this online but at £1.49 I couldn't help but add it to my virtual basket. It's now out of stock but it isn't such a loss as it's not that wow really. 

I also picked up a lovely Kings & Queens Soap for next to my bathroom sink. I'm tempted to save this until December as the scent is quite festive but I'm sure I will end up using it by then. There are 4 different Kings & Queens soaps all for £2.66 here (The Honey one may have to be mine!) along with the beautifully packaged shower gels for only £3.33 which is very cheap for K&Q.


Tesco Mosaic Tea Light Holder - £3.35 (in bronze here

I also picked up two lovely tealight holder for my bathroom that look so nice when lit. These only come in bronze online now, however you can find 3 different shades in large Tesco stores. Also quite Halloween-y I thought! 

Tesco Direct are also still selling discounted All About Eve products here

Lots of bargains to be had! 

Fee xo. 
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