Essence Makeup in the UK - Overview


Last week I wrote a post on Essence hitting Wilkinson stores and finally coming to the UK! Since then I've received a lovely package from the PR team over at Essence which I thought I'd show you. Plus a lot of product recommendations from my international readers (thank you so much!) that I thought I'd share with you as well. 

There are currently 6 Wilkinson stores selling Essence in the UK - Portsmouth, Castleford, Sunderland, Mansfield, Wood Green Shopping City, South End on Sea. With more to be added soon I'm sure.


To start I thought I'd show you 3 Essence mascaras which make up a part of a range of around 15 mascaras. I'm pretty sure these are all priced the same at around £2.80 each. So very affordable for a mascara. I haven't tried these out yet but I love the look of Lash Mania Reload and Lashes Go Wild Volume mascara.... my kind of wands. I will make sure I update you on these by the end of the month (my international readers did say they can be hit and miss!) as I have a budget mascara post planned for then.

Also for eyes... there is a lovely range of Kajal pencils that come in 9 shades and a new smokey jumbo pencil in black. Also new to Essence is a range of Crystal Eyeliners which come in 5 sparkling shades.


On to eyeshadows... meet Metal Glam Eyeshadows. These are just two of them but the range is pretty wide... however sadly from swatching these I don't think that much of them. Not that pigmented and the texture is a little to oily/smooth so they don't apply evenly. A lot of readers did suggest eyeshadows can be hit and miss! I much prefer the Mono eyeshadows which come in 20 shades and I love the Quattro Eyeshadows (see below) which are so handy for travelling with and come in some lovely shades.  My palette below has had a lot of use!

Also a few of my readers that have Essence in their country recommended the Pigments (also great for nail art) and powder Blushers


I personally feel Essence provide some great lip products and in my past post a lot of people recommended the 'Stay With Me' Lipglosses and the Longlasting Lipsticks (see above). 

My personal favourites are the XXL Shine Lipglosses as the wand is really nice and the texture is spot on, these  come in 14 shades. But if you are a lip gloss fan you may also want to check out the new Glossy Lipbalms (above) that come in such edible sounding flavours - Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Brownie, Apple Pie, Berry Cupcake, Mango Ice-Cream and Mint Drop. Another new product for Essence is their Glow Tinted Lip Balms (above). 

Another recommendation that kept popping up time and time again in the comments of my last post was nail polishes (all under £2) which I have to agree with - especially glittery top coats! Also in time for Halloween they have a new Glow in the Night Top Coat!


Like most budget brands products can be hit and miss but hopefully if you do have an Essence stand near you I have given you a few suggestions on what to look out for and what to avoid. But if you want further suggestions then my last post on Essence (here) has so many comments from people that have been buying from Essence for years.

 I will be making sure to update this page every time a Wilkinson store starting stocking Essence and will make sure to tweet about it as well. 

Fee xo. 
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