August 2013 Favourites


August seemed to past by in a breeze for me however I am full embracing the fact it is nearly autumn (hence the cozy looking image above) and virtually only 3 months until Christmas.
Even though August felt a speedy month I had some very clear favourites that I had to share with you. 

Below are a handful of products that I have absolutely been loving in August. From old favourites to some brand new products that launched last month. I have also included some random non-beauty favourites as there have been a few things that I felt I needed to mention!

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm Cream SPF40 (travel size shown)
£16.00 (on offer) 40ml - Boots here 
Finally I have found a BB cream I'm impressed with, even if it's taken a full year! Sadly this is one of the more expensive BB creams (which may be why I love it so much) but thankfully I received a travel size in a beauty box. This is the first BB cream that has given enough coverage and really brighten the skin, actually it's the most dewy/radiant base product I've ever come across. It also looks flawless on the skin diffusing pores and boasts a huge SPF40.... which is why I have decided to save it now until my winter sun holiday in November! This may not be for everyone as it only comes in one shade but if you have light-medium skin then it will be a good match.

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge 
£4.70 - Amazon here 
This is a recent re-discovery that I am so glad to be using again! I raved about this quite a few years ago now and some how my makeup brush addiction meant I stopped using it. But when doing a bit of makeup sorting last month I re-discovered it and decided to start using it again. Straight away I was wondering why I hadn't been using it as this seriously makes all foundations look amazing. You simply run the sponge under warm water and it instantly increases in size and then you bounce it off the face to blend your foundation. I do find the sponge to soak up a lot of foundation so I apply my foundation first with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush then finish by using this, which makes all foundation look like real skin and absolutely flawless!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent 
£3.59 - Feel Unique here 
Another product I rekindled my love for last month as I was wanting something to mattify my T-zone that wouldn't make my skin look cakey at all... then I remembered this powder. For the price this really is an amazing product, so light and fine and does exactly what it states. Think it will be a while until I go back to using any other powders now as this is spot on for what I need.


Bare Minerals Locked & Coated Waterproof Top Coat
£12.00 - Debenhams here
 New product alert, new product alert! This has to be my most loved product of last month as it is seriously handy and is such an ingenious idea/product. For the past two months I had been experiencing my mascara smudging due to warm weather and also watery eyes , so I had been meaning to try out some waterproof mascaras... however this came along and could ultimately change all my mascaras in to waterproof ones! I have been using this with my favourite mascaras ever since, on warm days and when wearing contact lenses and I have to say it's amazing. You simply apply a coat of this clear formula over the mascara you are wearing and that is it.... no heaviness, no crispy feeling. It is literally invisible and of course keeps any mascara totally waterproof. I can see this being an ideal product to take on holiday and for anyone getting married,  as there would be no need to switch from your favourite mascara. Soooo impressed by this!

Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll-On in Fair 
£8.16 - Feel Unique here
I have been using this for the past few months under my eyes over the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer (as this concealer my under eye veins!) brightening the under eye area and I have been so impressed with how brightening it is. However as it was doing such a good job I decided to try it on the high points of my face to enhance contouring and discovered it works a treat! I now use this under my eyes and down either side of my nose, along my cheekbones and down my nose. As this is so light in consistency it blends with total easy and looks flawless. I can't not use this now when contouring! 

Models Own Lip Stix in Beauty Blush 
£5.00 - Boots here
I featured this at the beginning of August as one of my 'Top 5 Favourite Summer Lipsticks' here, and since then I have continued to love it. Having fair skin can mean a lot of pink shades can look too vibrant but this is just a perfect dusky pink shade that I am sure will suit all fair skin tones so well. Very easy to wear and apply being a lip crayon and actually not glossy like most lip crayons are, but a lovely satin finish that makes the lips look diffused and luscious. A perfect English rose shade.


Garnier Body Intensive Nourishing Lotion for Dry, Rough Skin 250ml
£3.14 - Boots here (all supermarkets)
I purchase this last month after seeing so many reviews of the fairly new Garnie Intensive 7 days range and I'm so glad I did. For such a cheap body lotion this does wonders... though I shouldn't have been surprised after loving the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil. There are so many different products in the range but I decided to go for the softening Cocoa Butter one which was a good choice as it has a lovely light chocolate scent to it. I apply this after shaving to my legs and find they feel so hydrate and smooth. I actually think this is better than Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion, which is saying a lot!

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask 250ml
£3.54 - Feel Unique here
I purchased this on a whim with a Fragrance Direct order last month (link to Feel Unique due to free p&p) as I fancied trying out a new hair mask as my beloved Macadamia Deep Repair was looking on the empty side. Since then I have been using this 3 times a week without fail as it's such a good mask. Firstly the consistency feels like a smooth butter and it smells of sweet vanilla, secondly this smooths the hair wonderfully. This requires applying to towel dried hair so I squeeze out my hair in the shower and grab a towel and towel dry my hair before applying the mask, all whilst still in the shower just not under the water. I really feel by doing this it does act like a mask than just a conditioner and gives notable results on drying. The tube is also iridescent... really what more could you want from a £3.50 hair mask?! 

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream 
£2.25 - Boots here (all supermarkets)
This is more of an all time favourite rather than a favourite from last month as I am constantly using it. This of course smooths the lips but it is the scent/flavour I'm most in love with, it's just creamy and caramel-y and perfect! Also I really like the slim packaging and how it looks. Out of the 4 different lip butter flavours I highly recommend this, especially for autumn.


Tesco F&F Home Pug Cushion 
£8.00 - Tesco Direct here 
I generally find Tesco Home's Home section a bit generic but this adorable cushion caught my eye and I had to have it! For £8 this cushion is extremely good quality and the cushion pad inside is really filled, meaning it's a bulky and quite firm cushion. You can find this in Tesco Home stores but if not it is on the Tesco Direct site and can be ordered though the click & collect service to your nearest store for free.

Seeking A Friends For The End Of The World DVD 
£5.00 - Amazon here
This is a wonderful film that I have watched numerous times but last month I bought it on DVD and had a little film night watching it... so thought it deserved including in my random favourites. This is not only a funny film but also a very touching one that will have you in tears by the end of it. An unlikely pairing with Keira Knightley and Steve Carell but just trust me, it works. One to watch at the weekend with a tub of Ben & Jerry's!

Danio High Protein 0% Fat Yogurt 
85p each - Tesco, Asda, Waitrose
Now this is a total random favourite but I had to include these yogurts as I have been regularly buying them for a few months now and love them. I'm not actually a yogurt fan but I have been trying to eat a yogurt or make a smoothie after my main meal instead of anything too high in calories. I tried Muller Lights and other low fat yogurts but found them all too thin and tart tasting but then I discovered these! The yogurt is so thick (because it's strained... not know what that actually means) and sits on top of a layer of fruit which is pretty tasty. These range from 125 - 160 calories and come in 6 flavours, however three seem to be really low in fat - Strawberry, Passion fruit & Cherry (0.1g saturates) and the other three not so much for some odd reason - Blueberry, Peach & Raspberry (2.4g saturates). But luckily enough I actually like the lower fat flavours the most!

Hope you have enjoyed my monthly favourites! 

Fee xo.

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