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A bit of a lifestyle post today as I felt like a bit of a change and I've been very much in to reading these past months. So I thought I'd share with you some new summer reads and a few recommendations of books I've loved. 

Here are the books I'm hoping to read over summer...
The Last Letter from Your Lover - £3.85 Amazon here
 I recently picked this up as it's by the same author that wrote 'Me Before You' which is actually one of my recommendations below. I absolutely loved Me Before You and along with the good reviews I'm hoping I will enjoy this as well. I won't bore you by copy & pasting the synopsis but this seems like an ideal summer read but with a bit more depth than just being a chick lit. 

The Bling Ring  - £5.99 Amazon here
Published along side the film starring Emma Watson this year, The Bling Ring is a factual account of a group of Hollywood teens that burgled the homes of the rich and famous - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom to name but a few. I found the actual news story pretty incredible so decided to read the book instead of watch the movie first. I'm a quarter of the way in and I have to admit I have started reading something else as it just isn't grabbing me. The author, Nancy Jo Sales first wrote a piece on the 'Bling Ring' teens in Vanity Fair and this pretty much seems a length extension of the article. It's wrote in a very journalistic/factual style that doesn't really flow. But one for anyone that's interested in celebrity culture and the media!
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - £3.85 Amazon here 
Not my usual type of book but I decided to purchase this based on the hundreds of good reviews of it on Amazon. If you read the synopsis you will see it seems a charming tale and I'm sure an equally charming read but that does give me the impression there won't be many twists and turns in the story. A lazy summer read that I thought I'd give a go. 
The Crimson Petal and the White - £6.89 Amazon here  
 Set in Victorian times this hefty 824 page read is my main summer read. I love my light girly reads but I also love books that are set in the Victorian era; I find the detail of that time and the characters really interesting. This book won't be for everyone based on the gritty storyline but I'm eager to start reading this as I can see myself getting submerged in the book and with the characters, as many victorian era authors are brilliant as drawing you back in time.


My summer recommendations... 
Room - £4.99 Amazon here
I read this last summer and words cannot explain how much I loved this book. Wrote through the eyes of 5-year old Jack this is wrote like no other book I have come across. Incredible sad in lots of places but balanced out by the warmth and love of the relationship he shares with his mum. This really did stay with me for a long time, which I see as a sign of a very well written and moving book.

Fingersmith - £6.29 Amazon here
Set in 1862, London, this fictional Victorian book is full of twists and turns and strong, vivid characters. I've re-read this many times now, which I don't often do with any book, as it's such a strong story with incredible detail but without being overly wordy. A great read if you are wanting something different that you can get totally absorbed in.   

Me Before You - £3.86 Amazon here
Without a doubt my most heartbreaking read of 2012. I smiled, I laughed and I cried... oh, how I cried (an effect it has on most people - so maybe not one to read next to the pool!). This amazing book, much like 'Room' really had me thinking about it long after I'd finished it. An amazing read that I would recommend to anyone.  

The Undomestic Goddess - £3.85 Amazon here
This is chic lit at it's best! Sophie Kinsella books are my go-to easy reads that are ideal for summer reading in the garden or next to the pool on holiday. I have read most of her books now but The Undomestic Goddess is by far my favourite. A very funny and charming read. 

 I'm always buying books so please share with me your favourite summer reads too! 

Fee xo.

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