Seashell Nail Art


I recently asked on my current giveaway what you'd like to see more of on Makeup Savvy... and a lot of you responded with nail art/nail posts! 

So I thought I would attempt to do a few doodles on my nails and create some simple seashell nail art today. 
Now I know some of you will be thinking "this is easy nail art?" but trust me this is pretty simple and doesn't need to be neat, in fact I purposefully made it not that perfect. Also you can use either a Muji 0.38 Gel Pen (which I highly recommend), a felt tip eyeliner or a standard nail art pen.

Also the beauty of these nails is you can make up the seashell pattern as you go, but if you mess up you can just make the line thicker to hide the mistake or change the pattern slightly.


 To create the simple seashell nails... 

I firstly started by applying two coats of Avon Nail Experts French Manicure White from the French Manicure Kit (Avon - £6.50 here) and then a coat of Seche Vite (Amazon - £5.79 here). I use Seche Vite before doing any nail art as I find it really sets the nail polish solid.

Next taking my Muji Gel Ink Pen (Muji - £1.00 here) I simply started at the base of each nail with a semi-circle and then created different patterns up the nail. As you may be able to notice the pattern does match with my little finger being the same as middle finger and my ring finger being the same pattern as my index finger. This is so I didn't have to come up with more patterns but to still look like they are all slightly different. 

To finish I added another coat of Seche Vite and also decided to add a bit of glitter using OPI Coronation from the Designer Series collection, with my smallest Dotting Tool (set of 5 x 2 way dotting tools from eBay - £1.56 here). Placing a few dots over the dots on the pattern and adding a bit more polish to my dotting tool and filling in the semi circle at the base of each nail. 

Whether you use a simple gel pen, a liquid eyeliner or nail art pen these are fairly simple nails to create and can be done with any colour base coat! 

Fee xo. 

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