Balance Me Face Oil - An Amazing Spot Treatment!


Having oily/combination skin means I suffer from random breakouts so I always try to keep on top of my skin, meaning I have tried many a spot treatment!

I do love my Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Gel (£14.00/10ml) as it is highly effective but I thought I would share with you a fairly new love that is knocking it out of the park due to being 100% natural and also quite the multi-use product!

Now I know what you are thinking... how can a facial oil be a spot treatment. I thought the exact same, no oily spot would call for more oil surely. However the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil £15.00 - here just works! Besides from the amazing ingredients I'm not sure how it works so well for the skin but it is the first product I've come across that have been highly effective with out drying out the spot or skin around it (nothing worse than a dry flakey patch from using a spot treatment!).


For the past few months I have been simply dabbing the oil onto any spots and any scarring from spots when I've been makeup-free around house or last thing at night. The skin just soaks it up and within a few days of continuous use you can really see the product working and removing the spot with minimal redness and no drying of the skin - this is something I have been really impressed by! As for the smell is a classic natural skincare scent that is quite herbal smelling but this can't be smelt at all as it soaks into the skin. 
This can also be used as an all over facial oil by massaging it into the face, neck and chest before bed to condition and soften the skin and making the skin appear more radiant. Though I don't do this I do massage a small amount onto my neck in upward movements before bed sometimes as I find the scent quite therapeutic and I do feel my skin is much softer the next day.

Also I feel the packaging and 10ml size (the larger 30ml comes with a dropper and not a roller ball) is spot on if you are wanting it for just a spot treatment and maybe the odd all over treat before bed. The oil will last such a long time and the heavy glass roller ball and bottle confirm it is a quality product.

If you are stuck finding a powerful spot treatment that works well with sensitive skin or doesn't dry out the skin then I highly recommend this! 

I actually feel my Origins Spot Remover is going to be feeling quite unloved now. 

Fee xo. 

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