Favourite Neom Candle - Serenity Travel Candle


I've reviewed many Neom candles in the past on Makeup Savvy and feel I have finally found my signature candle - the one for me. 

All of Neom's candles give off more than just a scent, the essential oils can really create an atmosphere and can change your mood to whatever you desire; relaxed, inspired, uplifted and so on. 

So if you do love your essential oil organic candles then finding that one candle that is just perfect for what you want is amazing. For me I have been searching for a candle that makes me feel totally relaxed without a hint of lavender and I have finally found it with Serenity.

The scent of the candle is Vanilla & Sandalwood. With the vanilla being warming and comforting and the sandalwood being a very calming scent in the background. This isn't one of Neom's strongest candles but for me this is ideal, I want something I can burn whilst I sit and read or take a bath that doesn't become too heady or essential oil smelling. Plus it of course burns clean being organic - no smoke or soot being released into the air.


I'm not one to have tried aroma therapy before and couldn't imagine how much a scent could change my mood, but with this scent I can totally understand how aroma therapy works as this just relaxes me on another level.

I of course really enjoy the scent as the vanilla is warm and yummy and mixed with the sandalwood there is a hint of orange chocolate, which I love! But the scent really does make me breath in a more relaxed way and I feel like I am really inhaling the essentials oils that just evoke this feeling of calm. 

 Neom candles are pricey but I feel the travel sized ones won't break the bank and can be moved from room to room. This little one is currently burning in my bedroom but it's also been in the living room and the bathroom. You can find this specific candle on Look Fantastic for £15 free p&p here.

I'm so pleased to have finally found the candle that is right for me. I really wouldn't alter the scent in any way, even if I could.

Just perfect! 

Fee xo.

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