Easy Summer Festival Nail Art


With summer festivals such as V and Creamfields and many others yet to come I thought I would create some mix and match festival nails today! 

I love mix and match nail art as they are fun to create and look really good! However I've also added an idea for more easier nails that will literally withstand anything and last right through your festival experience without chipping. 


Firstly to create the watercolour/marble base I used this technique here that I like to call No Mess Watercolour Nails. Here I have gone for more pastel tones, whereas in the tutorial you can see I used much brighter colours - this is totally up to you! 

Then as these are festival nails I added a coat of Seche Vite (£5.48 - Amazon here) to really give them lasting power. Then left them to fully dry... though with Seche Vite that doesn't take any time at all... I really do get the hype of this top coat now! 

Next using the Nail Art Tattoos (full review post here) which are £5.99 for 60 stickers from Boots or Urban Outfitters, I added a few to various nails. These are so easy to use and just need to be sealed onto the nail with another coat of Seche Vite or top coat.


For my middle finger I added four Nail Art Crystals from Girls With Attitude that cost £3.00 and can be found in various Top Shop & River Island stores. Also for my little finger I decided to apply a top coat of L'Oreal Color Riche Coffetti Top Coat which can pick up in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets for £4.99. You can see lots more ways to use the confetti top coat here - I really do love it!

As for my other nails and ring finger on the mix and match nails I used 2-3 coats of Color Club Magic Attraction which is my favourite holographic nail polish. You can find similar from China Glaze & Nubar or for a cheaper option look at Gosh or SEVENTEEN on the high street. 

If you are looking for long lasting nails that will last you over the weekend or more I highly recommend a glitter or holographic nail polish with two coats of a good top coat. Also make sure to seal the tip of the nail with the top coat as well to really prevent chipping. 

Really hope you like these nails! 

Fee xo.

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