My Top 5 Summer Scents

Come summer my 'fragrance wardrobe' without a doubt expands. I find summery scents a lot more enjoyable to wear and I love finding new perfumes to enjoy each summer. 

 Here I have selected my top 5 summer scents that I am totally in love with. Whether it's to spritz on around the house, for long sunny days or warmer summer evenings. 

If you are looking to grow your perfume collection with some summer scents then I would highly recommend opting for 30ml bottles, as this size will last you the entire summer and it will be small enough to carry in your bag. However if you are planning a holiday then refillable travel sprays are great and you can find some super cheap 'Travelo' style sprays on eBay for only £1.69 free p&p (here).

Guerlain Insolence 
Eau de Perfum 30ml - £27.00 Boots here  
Insolence is without a doubt my favourite fragrance and I have been wearing it for years. Unlike a lot of higher end perfume this has one clear note - violet. But as this is teamed with other notes it has more of a sweet parma violet scent to it, which I love. This is girly, sweet and strong without smelling cheap at all. I do wear this sometimes during the day in summer as I can't get enough of it but this is more of an evening perfume due to it's strength. (Full review here).
The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist
100ml - £7.50 here
Recently I popped into The Body Shop on a mission to purchase a body mist in time for summer. I was actually impressed with all the different scents and it was quite hard to choose just one but eventually I decided upon the Moringa scent due to the fresh and uplifting nature of it. I'd never heard of Moringa before and still don't know exactly the origin of the scent however for me it's quite a gardenia/white floral scent which is perfect for summer. I should also point out that there isn't a hint of the alcohol in the scent at all. Along with a generous size and non-cheap smelling scent this makes an excellent, affordable summer fragrance.  

Estee Lauder Sensuous
Eau de Perfum 30ml - £22.95 Fragrance Direct here 
This aptly named scent is the most perfect summer evening fragrance I have come across. For me it encompasses everything that I want from an evening fragrance - it is warm, but sweet, it lasts and matures well on the skin, it is grown up, people notice this scent and of course it is sensual and sexy. The top notes of honey, amber and sandlewood create such a lovely blend of warm and sweet that works perfectly in the summer warmth.
Vera Wang Princess 
Eau de Toilette 30ml - £34.00 Boots here
Vera Wang's Princess is my fairly new go-to perfume for spring which I am sure will care on through summer on those days that feel a bit breezy but still sunny. I say this as it is such a pretty floral/gourmand scent that is just beautiful when there is a breeze in the air but a summer dress can still be worn. The notes in this are vanilla, dark chocolate and tuberose which creates a fragrance fit for a princess. 
Escada Cherry In The Air 
Eau de Toilette 30ml - £20.99 Fragrance Direct here
Out of my 5 picks this is the most fruity one and rightly so as it's a cherry scent. But this isn't just any cherry scented fragrance, this smells like freshly picked black cherries that have that sour edge to them. As this matures on the skin the sour cherry scent is still very much there but alone side some warmer notes that make it a very enjoyable summery scent to wear. This is a young fragrance but with an edge that will definitely grab people's attention.  (Full review here).
What is your go-to summer scent? 

Fee xo. 

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