Clean & Clear Oil Control Film Review


Lets just say in summer when it's a little warm (which is pretty rare) I tend to get a bit 'shiny'. Not a lot but enough to annoy me and I'm not one for carrying around a powder or remembering to apply it. So I'm a blotting paper kinda girl. 

I don't love blotting papers, they feel a bit like tracing paper, but they do the job and soak up the oil on my t-zone. So when my lovely equally addicted to makeup, friend Maxi (she blogs here about lipstick) asked what blotting papers I'd recommend it made me realise I was all out of my pretty Paul & Joe ones and the best ones I'd tried were the Clean & Clean films that were available in the UK but now aren't. 

I'm not sure why this is... because these little beauties, if blue sheets that soak up oil can be called that, work a damn treat. Unlike all the other blotting papers these aren't actually made of paper but a film that almost feels like an ultra thin piece of latex. Yes, that sounds a bit odd but this means they are so much nicer to use and they soak but all the excess oil on the face. 

You can of course find these on eBay for £2.99 free p&p here.


I know, I know, I am effectively showing you the grease off my skin but I wanted to show how it looked after using a single sheet. It didn't really pick it up but where the film soaks up excess oil it becomes almost transparent and you can definitely see that it had dulled down the shine from your face. 

These really do work effectively and of course can be used without a mirror. However there is one slight downside in that they can remove makeup, mainly concealer, if rubbed across the skin, so I find pressing the film on to my skin with two fingers the best way to use the films when wearing makeup.

Side note - I had been thinking how difficult these were to get out of the packaging without taking 5 at the time but in fact there is a little tab on the inside of the packet that has a peel back part that you remove so that it's sticky. Then every time you open the packet it grabs one of the sheets! Clean & Clear you are very clever. Makeup Savvy.... not so much. 

Fee xo. 

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