Oh My Haul - April


As you can maybe tell I did quite a bit of shopping in April. But I assure you they were all total bargains. 

I actually find getting things on sale or for a reasonable price really rewarding these days. 

My favourite places online to find bargains are - ASOS outlet/sale, Amazon (though prices seem to go up and down daily), Fragrance Direct and eBay. Offline I find Waitrose & Tesco sometimes discount beauty/skincare products really well. Oh and of course Poundland!


Designsix Leaf Pendant Necklace 
£5.00 - ASOS (Designsix range - here)
I purchased this in the ASOS sale last month so it is sadly now sold out. I've never tried anything from Designsix or even heard of the brand before but I was quite impressed with the quality and there are still some charm style necklaces still available. I now have my eye on some heart shaped stack bangles in gold that look really lovely - here.

Diamante Metal Necklace
£3.00 - Primark (spring/summer 2013 stock) 
How amazing is this for only £3.00. I am so impressed with it! Primark really have some great pieces of jewellery in at the moment which is such a great things as a lot of the high street shops have gone so pricey when it comes to necklaces. How has £17.99 for a necklace in H&M become the norm?! Also really love Primark for peplum tops, printed skirts with thin belts, and summer dresses at the moment. 

KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray 200ml
£3.00 reduced - TK Maxx 
Finally I have found the best dry shampoo ever! I have tried so many different brands of dry shampoo but this just tops them all. It soaks up excess oils in the hair so well and adds volume without a trace of white powder-ness going on. Also it has a nice peppermint scent to it. The only problem is the normal price of it is £9.75 (Cheap Smells - here) which is a bit too much for dry shampoo really... for me anyway. 


Real Techniques Core Collection Kit 
£16.83 - Amazon here 
I have mentioned this set a few times now but for anyone that missed it Amazon have all three Real Techniques Kits at discounted prices. I did get this set for £14.99 but since when it has gone up in price slightly. So far I am absolutely loving this set, the bristles are so soft and the brushes work perfectly. Favourites so far have to be the Contour brush and Buffing Brush.

New Nail Polishes
Barry M Lychee - £3.99 (Superdrug - here), MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt - £1.00 each (Superdrug here & here)
Purchased a few nail polishes I have been wanting for a bit. Namely the fairly new Barry M Gelly Lychee nail polish as it's an amazing shade... though I really don't get the whole 'gelly hi-shine' aspect to the range. Also the newly packaged MUA nail polishes called to me with the range being full of lovely pastels for summer (free delivery at Superdrug until Tuesday FYI). You can see a NOTD of Pistachio Ice Cream here. I really am going to have to cut back on my nail polish buying as I counted my collection this week and discovered I have TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY nail polishes. I actually thought I had no more than 150... oh dear, oh dear.


Cake Erasers 
£2.50 - Random Interior/Gift Shop
I picked these up in the most lovely gift shop in Southport which had some amazing things by Rob Ryan and Fiona Hewitt. There was actually so many pretty things I was a bit overwhelmed, so I ended up just going for these amazing little rubbers. I know I won't ever use them probably but I love minature things and they can sit nicely on my desk looking pretty. You can find similar ones to these if you search for 'Kawaii Erasers' on eBay. 
Bronzed Ceramic Pineapple 
£4.00  - Antique/Collectibles Shop 
This was another find in Southport in a huge antique shop that was spread over at least 5 floors and a maze of rooms. I spotted something very similar in Dwell last year, it may even be from there and love it back then, so I had to get it. This is now sitting on a stack of magazines in my dining room. 
Amie Facial Cleaning Wipes
£3.49 - Waitrose here
Last month I was sauntering around Waitrose (saunter is what you do in poshier supermarkets you see) looking on the amazing beauty aisle and marvelling at the lovely homeware section. In the end I ended up getting the Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter (only £2.89!) which is actually their best selling skincare product... and I can totally see why as it's amazing. I also picked up some wipes as they were discounted by £1 and I really like Amie (obsessed with their clay face mask). 

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove 
£2.50 - eBay here 
I won't ramble on about this as I wrote a whole blog post on it here but this has been a pretty great eBay find. So similar to the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove but at quite literally a fraction of the cost. I have been cleaning my brushes with it ever since I got it and it's just makes cleaning them so much faster. Super impressed with it. Actually think I will get another one for using as an oven glove. 

This has been a bit of a long haul but I hope you have enjoyed it. 

I may have to do another extra special 'Oh My Haul' this month as it is my birthday in the middle of the month... I will be 25, eep!

Fee xo.

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