New NYC Foil Explosion Nail Polishes!


NYC are my go-to highstreet brand for cheap nail polishes, so when they bring out new shades and ranges I'm always excited to try them! 

Their newest nail polish range is five Foil Explosion nail polishes that requires only a single coat for a reflective metallic finish. The nail polishes are available to buy now from Superdrug stores or online for £1.99 each. 

 As soon as I spotted these I instantly thought of Essie's Mirror Metallics collection that was released last year. So if you lusted after those this much cheaper collection will be perfect for you. Though if I am totally honest I wasn't a fan of that specific Essie collection and nor am I keen on this collection either. You can find my reasons for this below, plus swatches of the full range and which shades are dupes for the Essie Mirror Metallics nail polishes.


As mentioned above the Foil Explosion nail polishes only need one coat to create the foil finish which dry pretty fast. The metallic shades also apply with ease. 

My personal favourite would be Aqua Mystic, though if I'm honest I would have loved to have seen a rose gold shade in the collection... that is if I actually liked these though! My reason for this is mainly down to the finish. As you may be able to see in my nail swatches in the first image the finish does show the brush strokes and any ridges or imperfections in the nails, which doesn't make for a nice finish for me. This almost reminds me of the rule of not applying shimmer eyeshadows to more mature eyes as it will just highlight the wrinkles in the eyelids and this is the exact same. The foil formula highlights ridges and magnifies and imprefections such as flaking at the tips of the nails.

 However I will admit the nail polishes are highly reflective so the light does bounce off the nails in certain lighting which does distract your eye from the streaky finish some what. My other dislike is how easily these chip, whether you apply the one coat or three they still chip very quickly due to the foil finish. 


However if you did want to try out some of the Essie Mirror Metallics last year but were put off by the price then you will be pleased to know that there are dupes in this range. The closest dupe would be NYC Power of Elements which is very similar to Essie Nothing Else Metals and NYC Aqua Mystic is a close match to Essie Blue Rhapsody. 

Even though I'm not sure on these I will be sporting Aqua Mystic this summer as a nail art base and Enchanting Fire actually looks perfect for Autumn, but I'm not even going to think about the weather going colder right now! 

What do you think about this new range? Do you like foil finish nail polishes? 

Fee xo. 

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