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I have been shopping online at Fragrance Direct for many years now. From my favourite fragrances to bargain nail polishes from the likes of Essie and Sally Hansen. I would without a doubt say it is my no.1 website to visit to find total bargains. 

So when Fragrance Direct contacted me in April asking me if I wanted to review some products for their newsletter I jumped at the chance!

Time and time again on Fragrance Direct I find I discover products I have never seen before or would have never have purchased full price, whilst also spotting cult products at amazing prices (£1.99 Essie polishes, anyone?). So here I have selected some great products that are just that. A few new discoveries with the amazing Invogue nail polish and Revlon Color Creme, along with some more recognisable products such as a beautiful fragrance from Estee Lauder and a cute palette from Urban Decay.


Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette Spray 30ml 
£28.99 - here 

Much like the girly bottle this is the ultimate girly fragrance that has a romantic, soft edge to it. The main notes in this are vanilla, dark chocolate and for me, tuberose. Making this a sweet but smooth floral/gourmand fragrance that really does seem like it was made fit for a princess. But what makes it stand out the most is that it isn't sickly or over sweet unlike a lot of girly scents I have tried, I would actually describe the scent as 'pretty' and 'feminine'. The bottle and notes in this may also comes across as being someone young however I think this could be worn by anyone in their teens to someone in their 30's.

This is definitely one for day wear and for anyone that loves dreamy feminine scents. 

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 250ml (available in various shades)
£11.99 - here

I am sure anyone with colour treated hair can related to that annoying in between hair dying stage where roots are noticeable and the colour is looking a little dull. I always find I notice this when I am going out somewhere and I want my hair to look nice however re-dying my hair every 2 weeks is just out of the question - due to expense, hair damage and time. However I came across Revlon's Professional Nutri Color Creme on Fragrance Direct (I didn't even know this was a product ) and I really do think this is the answer to the above problem. 

Revlon Nutri Color Creme is described as a 3-in-1 cocktail for coloured hair to add colour, softness and shine all in 3 minutes! I will admit I wasn't expecting wonders from this product however I gave it a go actually in the shower. As instructed I washed and towel dried my hair and applied 10 pumps of the cream all over my hair and combed my hair through with my fingers (whilst wearing gloves). At this point I was certain it would miss parts of my hair especially my roots as 10 pumps didn't seem that much and the cream didn't have a hair dye smell to it at all. I then rinsed it out after 3 minutes and voila! When I stepped out of the shower my hair was a more glossy rich brown and my roots were no more, plus my hair felt conditioned and not like it had been dyed at all. To top this off the product contains up to 15 applications meaning this will be my inbetween quick fix for at least a year! I will be certain to do a full review of this product as I'm pretty amazed by it.


Urban Decay 80's Roller Girl Set 
£12.99 - here 

Here we have an amazingly fun & summery palette by Urban Decay at a really great price. The 4 eyeshadow palette (I've decided it is a 3 neutral eyeshadows and 1 blush palette as Woodstock actually works as a blush) comes with an additional travel size 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Whiskey (perfect everyday shade) and a mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Crush. 

Like all Urban Decay eyeshadows you can expect velvet-soft textures and great pigmentation from all 4 eyeshadows in this cute retro palette and the 3 neutral shades can definitely be worn any time of year. The 24/7 eye pencil in Whiskey is a perfect addition to the neutral shades being a matte brown shade that really does glide on and then stays put! As for the Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Crush I really can't get enough of the vanilla mint scent to it and the bright pink sheen it adds to my lips - fresh, summery and glossy!

This set it just so usable and perfect for anyone that loves the quality of Urban Decay products. 

L'Oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Serum 15ml 
£5.95 - here

For the past year or so serums have been all the rage and of course being a beauty blogger I have introduced one into my skincare routine before apply my makeup. However using a serum, moisturise and then a primer (for the unsightly pores around my nose and on my chin) does seem a little much. So this product instantly intrigued me as it combines the pore minimizing properties of a primer whilst also being a serum. 

I really don't know where to start with this mini review of the serum as it just seems to have so many benefits/qualities. It's refreshing and light to apply to the skin, it soaks in within seconds, it helps with oil control, it smooths the skin making it look and feel softer and it does diffuse pores. On top of that I also feel it is providing more long term benefits to my skin by moisturising it as it is actually a skin care product. My only criticism would be that 15ml is quite a small amount for a skincare product but besides from that I really am impressed.


Invogue Nail Lacquer Feather Effect 'On The Money' 
£2.50 - here 

It would be an understatement to say that nail art and nails effects are in trend at the moment. From Concrete nails, to Feather nails and everything inbetween, Invogue cater for all these nail trends but at such an affordable price. 

Here is one of the three Feather Effect nail polishes available from Invogue at Fragrance Direct and for only £2.50 it really is an amazing buy. 'On The Money' is a perfect one for spring/summer with it's blue and yellow pieces to create the beautiful feather effect and was as easy to apply as an normal nail polish. I know I will be purchasing the other two shades in this collection plus trying out one of the Liquid Metal formulas.


Estee Lauder Sensuous Eau De Parfum 30ml 
£22.95 - here 

This fragrance has to be one of the most sexy fragrances I have ever tried. It is smooth, warm - in a woody kind of way, subtly sweet and expensive smelling. Sensuous really does have depth without being an overpowering fragrance. The main notes I can pick up in this are honey, amber and sandlewood, so a lovely mixture of sweet, warm and woody notes. This is a perfect perfume for warm summer skin that will grab people's attention. Theirry Mugler's Angel has always been the fragrance known to 'attract' men but I really believe this is a lot more sensual and alluring. 

As for packaging, it is a simple yet sleek bottle that is surprisingly heavy. The grooved back and rose gold top with embosses EL initials are lovely features. 

 If you wish to see full reviews of any of the products mentioned please just let me know.

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Fee xo.  

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