Quickie Pamper Night


The other night I decided to have a bit of a pamper night. I was planning to have a shower anyway so decided to first apply a face mask and also use some of my favourite products. 

I love having the odd pamper evening and after a stressful and long week I felt it was needed. But I'm not one for pampering myself all night so I picked out some products that are lovely to use but quick.

Here are the products I used and really do rate... 

Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask 100ml
£5.99 - Boots here 
Before getting in the shower I applied the lovely Good Things fruity face mask. I love Good Things for their summery fruity scented products but I also find them very affect as well. The mask only needs 5 minutes on the skin and dries in that time, but not in a tight can't move your mouth way. I actually have a mirror in my shower so I removed this with the Botanics Facial Brush (which I have loved for many years) and could see how radiant my skin looked. It really is a good mask for a quick brightening fix.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 100ml 
£8.85 - Cheap Smells here   
Pre-shower I also applied the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque to the ends of my dry unwashed hair for a more intensive treatment and put my hair up off my back with a big hair claw clips (I purchased mine for £1 from Primark) so that I could get in the shower. This mask is without a doubt the most affect treatment for my slightly over processed hair and leaves it so managable and frizz-free. I really couldn't be without this hair mask now!
Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub 238g 
£36.00 - Beauty Bay here
I'm pretty sure the gooey, sugar-y, vanilla image of the Vanilla Bean body scrub above shows how amazing it is but if you aren't convinced let me tell you how this is the most amazing smelling and feeling scrub I have ever used. I love Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub but this is on a whole other level of yumminess (I may have even tasted it whilst in the shower...!). The wonderful scrub just feels so indulgent as it warms up on the skin and the sugar particles gently exfoliate. This also leaves behind just the right about of oil to moisturise the skin after bathing/showering. If you want to splurge on a luxe body scrub this really is the one to go for.


The Body Shop Shea Body Butter 50ml 
£5.00 - Body Shop website here  
After my extended shower I buttered up my skin with a the lovely Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter which is just amazing to use. I absolutely love the texture of this and it smells perfectly nutty and creamy. I have so many other moisturisers and oils I love to use but this really does make me feel pampered due to the feel of it on my skin and the smell. 
Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve 20g 
£5.99 - Amazon UK here 
I also pulled out one of my favourite lip balms to use as I love my lip care and anything that tastes yummy on the lips. I have had this salve for such a long time now but this 20g tin is still going strong. This is the best vanilla lip balm I have discovered. 
Elysambre Nail Care Oil 5ml 
£9.29 Henna Herbals here 
 This is my favourite cuticle oil to use but sadly it is quite pricey for a small bottle of oil and it is only available on smaller websites. I have tried many cuticle oils and feel this one works so well because of the sweet almond oil in it as it soaks into the cuticles and skin so well. So a good alternative would be The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil - £5.25 here... though I have also heard some great things about the Superdrug Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen which is only £2.99. 

After using all of these products I settled down in bed and watched Seven Pounds which is one of my favourite films. 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 
Fee xo.  
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