Non-Beauty Wish List


I thought it was time for some non-beauty wish listing as I've been on a bit of a spending ban of sorts this past month and haven't indulged myself too much in anything special. But I have been spotting lots of lovely things and think I will have to treat myself to a few and also put some on my birthday list next month as I will be 25 in May! 


Pantone Spiral-bound Calendar Diary 2013 
Amazon - £10.00 here 
Ahhhhhhh I can't believe I came across this on Amazon! I didn't even know Pantone did yearly calenders as I have never seen any being talked about on the interwebs so this just excited me so much to fine one and a cute one at that! I love that each month there is a pixelated image of a 'sweet treat' and also a colour name associated to each month. As you can see May is Tickled Pink. This is sooooooooo be going on my birthday list as I just love it!

14,000 Things To Be Happy About 
Amazon - £6.39 here 
I love the idea of this book and have seen it on a few blogs now. I know it probably is one of those books you only pick up and have a look as before bed or when you are bored but it just seems a nice idea. From looking at the 'look inside' thingy on Amazon there seems to be a lot of 'things to be happy about' that I don't even know the meaning of, so I could see myself looking through this with iPhone in hand to search for the things I can't a clue about! 

Kate Spade New York: Things We Love 
Amazon - £21.25 here 
This for me is the new type of coffee table book that seems to be like a blog within a book to simply flick through and enjoy all the lovely things and beautiful photography. Slightly pricey (thoough you can purchase it from an Amazon seller for around £16) but you can just tell this is a beautiful book. 


Replica Celine Tote Bag 
eBay (UK Seller) - £17.80 here 
I feel it is time to spring clean my bag collection - sell a few on eBay and then purchase two new bags with the money. I'm sure one will be a Ted Baker Ikon bag as they have some lovely new ones in time for spring but I also want a more chic looking handbag. I'm really not one for spending huge amounts on designer bags as I would much rather save up for homeware items or a holiday, so to eBay it is to find a 'designer inspired' bag. This of course is a replica of the Celine Boston Tote which is a very pricey bag but for me this is just as good as I love the structure of the bag. I just can't decide over which to go for - the black & off white one or the all black bag... which do you think? 


Gogo Philip Initial Heart Necklace 
Asos - £6.00 here
Now I am very much a dog lover but wanting these two things was purely coincidence as I initially wanted the lovely Gogo Philip Initial necklace but they didn't have an 'F' for my name, so then I tried to think of what other letter I could go for that meant something to me, which is when I thought of ordering the 'R' initial necklace as my little dogs name is Ruby. Maybe a slightly odd idea but I really don't want to miss out on the necklace because it is on sale at the moment!

Dog Print Snood 
Asos - £7.00 here
Then I came across this lovely dog printed scarf that would be perfect for spring, especially spring dog walks. I actually love ASOS for their accessories in the Outlet section of the website. So many lovely scarfs, belts and tights at prices lower than Primark half of the time and much better quality. 


Flamingos by Albany
Wallpaper Direct - £16.00 per roll here
Last week I was looking on Wallpaper Direct for some wallpaper for my bedroom and decided on a lovely silver birch paper (this one) but then came across an amazing bold flamingo wallpaper that I instantly ordered a sample of to see the true colour and texture of. Normally wallpaper with such a unique print is quite expensive per roll so I was amazed at the price of this. 

I first thought the wallpaper would look good in my kitchen even though I'm not a fan of papered walls in the kitchen for condensation reasons and just that it's subjected to more wear and tear than other areas. However I then thought about it in my dining room as a feature wall on the chimney breast. Though instead of just wallpapering the whole wall I am going to have some wood cornice cut and create a huge frame on the wall with the wallpaper in it.... I'm sure this won't be making sense but when I do it I will show some images of it I think. 

What non-beauty products are you wishing for this coming Spring? 

Fee xo.

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