Disliked Beauty Products #2


I'm back again with a whole bunch of products I just can't seem to get on with. But this time I thought I would up the ante and only select products from brands I usually love! 

So sharing my disliked products this time round shouldn't be as easy as my last post (here) but it is good to show that all brands can come out with the odd product or two that you just won't get on with, however much you love the company/brand.


The Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel 
I haven't specified a certain scent of shower gel here as I purchased three of the Earth Lovers Shower Gels and dislike all of them - so I basically dislike the whole range. I purchased these as they are SLS-free as I like to try out as many SLS-free shower product as I can, in hope I will one day find my holy grail. But sadly these are far from even the SLS-free standard I am use to. The consistency of the shower gel is the problem, it's just soooo thin and doesn't foam at all. Also the scents are pretty rubbish too. I literally had to take this out of my shower and stop using it because it was annoying me every time I used it. It really did feel like a very watered down shower gel. 

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
I normally really like Carmex lip products and when I spotted they did a Cherry Carmex it was in my basket faster than I could think maybe it's an odd combination. And that is what it is... the Carmex scent is a strong scent which I love but mixed with the artificial cherry scent it turns into some nasty smelling cough syrup that you want to instantly wipe off your lips. But having said all of that I am sure some with love the scent. But as Carmex lip balms are quite thick on the lips and quite scented I just couldn't stand to keep it on. Back to the trust original formula for me. 

Models Own Clear Top Coat 
I am a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes, especially their glitters. But there is just something about this top coat that I can't get on with. The consistency of the top coat is perfect, just how I like it, it also doesn't bubble and it's nicely glossy on the nails. But my problem is I am sure it has a blue tint to it. In the light I have photographed it in you really cannot see but if you tilt the bottle in sunlight you can slightly notice it and on the nails I really do think it alters the shade of the nail polish underneath and especially nail art. I really thought I was going a bit mad when I first started to use it but I certain it has a subtle blue tint to it now!


Naked Skin Soothing Eye Gel 
Another brand I really quite like and have used a lot of products from (namely their shampoos and lovely sachet conditioners). But I have to admit I'm not as keen on their skincare range. Maybe it's not that suited to my oily skin but I have never loved anything that much in their skincare range. But the one product I really can't get on with is the Naked Soothing Eye Gel. I'm actually thinking I may be over sensitive to one of the ingredients as this is for sensitive skin, but as soon as I apply this around my eyes they start to water and feel itchy and I do make sure to not get too close to the eye. This will definitely be going to my sister (if she will use it!) so it's not wasted. 

Jelly Belly Very Cherry Jar Candle 
This has to be the best smelling candle ever... well to a cherry lover! So instead of purchasing the small tin candle size first I got overzealous and purchased the large jar candle (which isn't that cheap at around £8). I had such high hopes after sniffing the jar but as soon as I started to burn it, it just didn't smell at all like cherries and I just couldn't make out what it smelt of. It also gave me a headache with half an hour of burning it as it was so heady but in a very artifical way! Again I will be needing to find a new home for this as I don't want to waste it. 

17 Blow Out Mascara 
17 or should I say Seventeen (their new brand name) are one of my favourite high street brands with one of my favourite ever mascaras being their Wild Curls mascara so I had high expectations when trying out their fairly new/not really that new Blow Out mascara. Now to be fair I knew I wouldn't like it as soon as I opened it and saw the HUGE brush. You see big bristle-y mascara wands just aren't my thing, I find them hard to use, they never seem to volumise my lashes as I can't manage to get right to the roots and wiggle it around and I always get the mascara on my eyelids because the brush is just too big for me. So that is exactly what happened with this mascara. If you are a fan of say the Benefit Bad Gal mascara because of the brush then you may like this. But for me this was a big n0-no. 

So there you have it. My disliked products from the brands I love!

 It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So please if you have any hated products from brands you normally love them please do share in the comments. 

Fee xo. 

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