Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooler Mask


Yesterday was Face Mask Friday, or just Friday, or Good Friday if you are a non-beauty blogger person. And I didn't post a face mask review because I forgot I actually tried out a Monu face mask in the shower, so I thought I didn't have anything to write about! 

Which is why I have decided to leave that review for next week and review an interesting foot mask instead. You don't often see masks for other areas of the body but they are quite nice... (not that there is anything stopping you from applying a face mask anywhere I guess) and so I think once I have come to the end of my Face Mask Friday series I will start seeking out more unique masks to review. 

Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooler 80ml
£4.99 (here) or from select ASDA stores

Now I did try out this new Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooling Mask when my feet were feeling cold which in hindsight probably wasn't the best of ideas as it made my feet even colde. But it did give me a good sense of how the product works and how affective it is. 

Following the simple instructions on the back of the squeezy bottle I first washed my feet and patted them dry. I them rubbed on the gel like cream and massage it into my feet a bit. Then I sat back and watched a few YouTube videos. As the cream dried I noticed it turned to more of a light blue chalky/powder texture which I expected to come off when I rubbed my foot but it didn't. The last step on the back of the tube is to leave on the mask which I find quite odd as surely you don't want to be walking around with chalky looking feet but I guess if your feet were really hot and puffy (in summer or from too much shopping/walking) you could leave this on while watching TV etc. I personally decided to leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed it off. 

While the mask was on I did feel a cooling sensation on the tops of my feet but actually this really intensified when I washed it off for over the next 2 hours which really did impress me, even though I didn't really want cold feet at the time. I definitely think this must has something to do with the peppermint in the mask. 

My only dislike of the mask would have to be the smell... I just don't think blueberries and peppermint are two scents that go together at all! 

However I was sooooo impressed with how this preformed and know I will be using this after all-day trips to the Trafford Centre shopping and on hot days this summer (I'm keeping the faith for hot weather this year!). A really unique product from Montagne Jeunesse.

Fee xo. 

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