Face Mask Friday - VOV 17 Cereals


For my first review in my Face Mask Friday series I thought I would pick an interesting mask and one that I have only recently acquired thanks to the wonders of eBay. 

I love my interesting products so I often find myself on eBay doing multiple searches until I find that interesting bargain and these VOV Daily Fresh Masks definitely caught my eye last month. 

The 3 VOV face masks cost me £3.92 from eBay with free p&p - here 

I decided out of three to go with the 17 Cereals face mask as I have just gotten over being ill and my skin has been feeling a bit rubbish and basically ergh and the 17 Cereals mask promised to brighten and soften the skin, something I 100% needed. 

 I must admit even though I didn't have a clue what the mask would be like I was expecting a yummy honey/wheat-y smelling mask that was a thick cream consistency. However the mask was actually quite a thin cream that applied similar to a moisturer though didn't soak into the skin and also smelled quite similar to a moisturiser. Though I did like that it had small exfoliating grains in it. 

The 17 Cereals mask is a non-setting mask which I do prefer and was quite cooling on the skin, which I could see being so amazing in summer. As the instructions of the mask were in Korean I decided to leave the mask on for only 10 minutes as I didn't want to risk it reacting with my skin, though it was fine and did feel and smell like quite a simple mask. Once I washed it off I really could see my skin was brighter and actually looked less red around my chin and nose. It also left my skin feeling soft without any residue from the mask which I was pleased with.

All in all I was quite pleased with the mask and would purchase it again especially when I wanted my skin to look awake and brighter. 

Really looking forward to trying out the other VOV Dail Fresh Masks now!

Fee xo.  

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