Organic Surge Million Dollar Anywhere Balm


Organic Surge is a brand I use quite often for their SLS-free products, in particular their lovely Sugared Almond Shower Gel and Daily Care Face Wash.

 So I was more than interested when I discovered they had brought out a totally new product with the Organic Surge Million Dollar Anywhere Balm... which also comes with a very charitable pledge.

The new multi-purpose balm is actually part of the fairly new Organic Surge Luxury Collection so this and the Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish (sounds very yummy) are higher in price than other Organic Surge products... however if you are someone that needs something to cater for all different dry skin problems then this may be the perfect product for you. 


 The Organic Surge Million Dollar Balm is a certified Eco Cerf product with lovely citrus oils to give a fresh and non-herbal scent. The heavy and luxury looking glass jar contains 30g of product and can be purchased from the Organic Surge website for £22.50 with free delivery here. The price may seem on the steep side however balms like these do last you years and years.

Now since I tried and loved the Neom Multi balm... and it is got discontinued* I have been yearning to find another luxury multi balm to use on everything and this really may be the one. 

Here are all the ways I feel this multi-tasking balm could be used...

As a lip balm, on dry skin such as the elbows/feet/knees, as an intensive foot treatment at night with socks on, cuticle balm, hydrating treatment for the face (only for super dry skin), a small amount melted into warm water to soak hands and feet, on ends of dry hair at night, use on irritated or sun burnt skin.

 My personal favourite uses for this is on super dry skin such as on my heels and also using this as a luxury cuticle oil as it warms up really nicely between the fingers and can be rubbed in and fully absorbed by the cuticles and skin.

*it should actually be law that companies have to give 6 months prior warning if they want to discontinue product so you have time to stock up on the product.

Also for ever Million Dollar product purchased, Organic Surge will donate $1 with the aim of raising $1 Million which will go directly to Kenya Children's Home Baby Care Unit and Orphanage. 

Fee xo. 

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