The Ultimate iPhone Case for Nail Addicts

iphone_chanel _nail_polish_case 

Actually scrap that, I think all beauty lovers would enjoy a Chanel nail polish phone case! 

I spotted these yesterday on a website called Shop Fancy and instantly wanted to get one so had to share my find with you all. 
Now the price for a phone case is a little steep - $35... which is around £22, but as far as I can see that also includes shipping costs. The cases come in Fracas (iPhone 4/4S - here iPhone 5 - here) and Blue Satin (iPhone 4/4s - here iPhone 5 - not available). Also for the Galaxy s3.

I love how realistic the image is of the nail polish especially the actually nail polish, it is spot on! For anyone in Australia, U.S or Canada you can actually purchase the cases quite a bit cheaper and with more colour options on Etsy from a seller called The Custom Art

Now that I have discovered these I am being greedy and wishing for a Chanel Peridot Nail Polish case! 

Fee xo.  

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