Pantone Colour of the Year - Emerald

Pantone have announced the colour of the year - Emerald Green and you guessed it.... I'm thinking I need mermaid hair in my life! 

There are many ways I can go about this.... (I should point out I don't want full-on green hair, just a bit of ombre in the length... I do not want to resemble Oscar from Sesame Street).

1. Firstly I could try a green pastel stick/hair chalk in my hair to see how it looked... or a colour bug thingy. 

2. I could use a veggie dye such as one from Directions, Special Effects, Maniac Panic (I know eBay if the best place to get these) directly on my brown hair and see how it turned out.

 3. I could go the whole way and bleach random parts of my hair and then use a veggie dye for a more intense green colour. 

4. For a full on ombre effect I could buy a L'Oreal Ombre Kit and dye a lot of the length blonde (well it will turn out more orange.. but it just need to be a light base) and then dye it again with a green veggie dye.

So it seems like I have a lot of options to think about! My only worry is I will look more deep sea creature than elegant sexy mermaid?! 

Your suggestions are 100% appreciated here. 

Fee xo.

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