NEW Ted Baker Beauty Accessories!


Some exciting new products today from one of my favourite fashion turned beauty brands - Ted Baker! 

Launching 28th January in Boots stores nationwide and on Ted Baker will be bringing us all a new range of beauty tools from pretty nail files to elegant eyelash curlers, all housed in chic packaging.


Ted Baker Eyelash Curlers - £8.00
Eyelash curlers are a must if you wear eye makeup and want to open up the eyes more and these really do the job nicely. There isn't a lot to say about Eyelash Curlers I know, but I can tell you that the pad on these is actually a lot thicker than most I have seen and used in the past so it really gives the eyelashes some liftMy only negative about this product would be that it doesn't come with any replacement pads, which would have been handy. 

Ted Baker Emery Boards - £5.00 for 3
These are just so beautiful and stunning! I absolutely love the design on these, it is like a mini piece of artwork. The design is on both sides of the files and with the set of 3 you can put one in your bag, one by your desk or bedside table and one as a spare. I know Ted Baker released some mini nail files last year but I love this design so much more. These would also make a lovely but cheap gift.


Ted Baker Nail Clippers - £6.00
I will be honest and say nail clippers are nail clippers really. Nothing special and most do the job perfectly fine. However if you fancy some pretty ones with the Ted Baker brand on the front of them then these are the ones for you. I do have to say they are very precise though and clip the tiniest bit of nail off which is great if you just need to trim a small section oripped nail so it doesn't break the whole nail.


Ted Baker Tweezers - £6.00
Plucking your eyebrow isn't the nicest of tasks however you want to make sure you to have some good quality tweezers that grip the hair well and gets the job done as quickly as possible. These definitely grip even fine hairs well and are nice and lightweight yet strong. These also have a nice polished metal finish so they look mirrored with the Ted Baker logo on there as well.


Ted Baker Nail Scissors - £6.00
 I have never actually used nail scissors before on my nails as I like to either file or clip them. However I find small little scissors like this good for trimming ripped cuticles so they don't get worse and actually my split ends! These again have the lovely polishes metal finish and are really pointed and sharp! 

A lovely new range of beauty accessories that make great essentials or small gifts. 

If you are eager to try out more from the Ted Baker range I cannot recommend the Nail Duos ( £8.50 - here) more highly. You can also see a nail post of a duo set here.

Fee xo.  

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