Makeup Savvy Resolutions 2013


2013 is fast approaching and whether you believe in new year's resolutions or not it is hard not to think of the year ahead and what you would like to achieve. 

I have quite a long list of personal resolutions for 2013 and I hope I achieve most of them, however I truly believe even if I don't succeed in some, having goals and a fresh outlook can only be positive thing.

Here are some of my resolutions for my blog is 2013 that I have really thought about and a few life/fun ones as well. 

More makeup swatches
I love looking at swatches in review posts on other beauty blog however I just haven't mastered how to take my own, so I just don't bother (I'm talking swatches of the eyes and lips etc). I blame myself for not going for a camera with a flippy out screen but this cannot stand in my way any longer. My plan of action is a tripod and a mirror behind my camera so I can actually see the live view on my camera screen. Any tips and tricks when taking photos of swatches would be highly appreciated!

To be more organised 
I doubt I will be going as far as making myself an editorial calendar for my blog but I do really feel like I need to be more organised when it comes to writing blog posts. I am thinking of keeping it simple with 2 half days set out for taking blog photos (because it goes dark so early!), one day for editing photos and then 2 or 3 days of writing blog posts, each week. I also want to start some weekly features that I know I can keep up... though I haven't decided on what these will be just yet! 

Be more interactive
Interactive isn't the correct word here but my mind isn't thinking of a better word right now and it is currently 2am! What I mean by this is I need to set out time to comment on the blogs I read and enjoy... my plan is to read a lot more blogs via bloglovin' then 'like' the ones I have read and then set some time aside each weekend to go back and comment on each one. Also I will be setting time aside to reply back to my own blog comments as I really feel so bad for not replying back to all my comments anymore! I will also be posting more makeup-y pics on Instagram from now on - you can follow me by searching 'makeupsavvy'. 

Do more nail art
I think nail art is one of my strong points when it comes to blogging and I REALLY enjoy being creative and thinking up new ideas but I just don't do it enough. I have the nail brushes, nail art pens and I 150% have enough nail polish so I just need to get my ass in gear and get creative again!

Non-bloggy Resolutions...

Buy more Melissa shoes 
I swear these are the best flats in the world! They are so pretty, comfortable and never show signs of wear... oh, and they are bubblegum scented?! I really need to do a Melissa shoe collection soon on Makeup Savvy Extra as I have quite a few pairs now.

Give myself more time to read 
I love reading but technology is so much in my life that I find it hard to make time, as even when I have time I seem to opt for reading blogs or watching Youtube videos even when all I need is my bed, silence, a book and my imagination. So 2013 is going to be the year I really force myself to turn off my laptop more and read. I already have 5 new books to get started on. My first book of 2013 is going to be - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Amazon - here).

Start collecting vintage Beauty Ads
This is a bit of a random one but now that I have a room dedicated to my makeup collection, taking blog photos and blogging I want to add a bit of artwork on the walls so I have come up with the idea of creating a framed timeline of beauty ads. My idea is to collect one beauty ad from each decade starting from 1900 to 2000 so I will have 10 framed ads in a timeline fashion along one wall. I actually wrote a post on vintage beauty ads - here (Revlon ads have to be my favourite!).

As for can probably see none of my new years blog resolutions are that big however being more organised may be the one that I find the hardest! 

Have you got any resolutions or goals for 2013? 

Fee xo.

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