Gift Idea - Sanctuary Ultimate Body Revival


Another gift on the high street post today with Boots as Boots stores are everywhere and they also offer a Click & Collect service. 
This is the Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Body Revival set which consists of 6 products that are aimed to pamper from top to toe. The set is one of their medium sized sets at £20 - Boots Online here but they have sets from as little as £8 right up sets costing £40 with tons of products in them. 

All the products in the set are scented in the Sanctuary Spa scent which is a mixture of ginger and other spices which smells very spa like and relaxing. 

Set contains:
Body Wash 250ml, Luxury Bath Float 75ml, Body Scrub 50ml, Body Lotion 75ml, Body Butter 100ml, Hand Cream 30ml, 2 x Mini Nail Files

This is of course a lovely gift to give someone that loves Sanctuary products but also its a good gift to give someone you don't know too well or aren't sure what they like when it comes to bath and body products. As the set could be suitable for a wide age range and the smell of the products isn't something anyone would dislike. 

 As for the products in the set I'm not keen on the two nail files... because 1. Why do you need two nail files 2. I think it cheapens the set a bit, a multi-file/buffer or a glass nail file would have been much nicer. However I do really like the sizes of the products in the set and can say the body butter and bath float are really lovely products. Also the packaging is rather lovely as well. 

Overall this is a great set that contains a good mix of bath & body products

I also really like the Sanctuary Dreamtime Sleep In-a-Box gift set (£12.50 - here) for a different sort of gift set. 

Fee xo.    

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