Gift Idea - Metallic GHDs for Christmas!


When I first started straightening my hair more than 10 years ago now I could only dream of owning a pair of GHD Hair Straighteners and even now they still hold the same status

This is because there just aren't any hair straighteners like them - they glide through the hair making it poker straight in seconds, they are light weight and the sleek curved barrel and design is definitely aesthetically pleasing. 

Thich is why GHD's are such a good gift to give at Christmas. Especially the recent metallic GHDs from ASOS which come in three festive metallic shades - saharah gold, shimmering silver and rich ruby and include a quilted carry case which is heat proof. 


What I personally love about the GHD classic styler is the quick heat up time... I am talking less than 20 seconds, the built-in heat mat in the travel case and of course how the ceramic plates add shine to the hair as well as straightening. The hair straighteners also feature an automatic sleep mode if the hair straighteners haven't been used for 30 minutes (no more 'did I turn off my straighteners' moments!).

Also another great feature of the hair straighteners is the curved barrel which means they can actually be used to curl the hair, create flicks or to simply curl under the hair or a fringe. When I first tried curling my hair with my own GHD's I did pretty much fail miserably but thankfully there are a whole host of great tutorials on YouTube to watch so I have now mastered it. 

 The GHD's in the Metallic collection are priced at £135 so are a high end gift to give or even ask for. However the hair straighteners really are such high quality and will stand the test of time! 

 Fee xo.

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