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Jemma kidd makeup secrets new book

For me Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without receiving a few new books to read. I generally ask for at least one autobiography and a few fictional reads. But if there is a new makeup book out then it will certainly be on my list! 

The new makeup book this Christmas is Jemma's Makeup Secrets (£14.25 - Amazon here) and it packed full of information and tutorials (a huge 220 pages). A really impressive book for the price. 

Jemma's Makeup Secrets is Jemma Kidd's second makeup book and is made up of two parts - The first part of the book (pages 12 to 146) focuses on how to make make-up work for you. This really goes in depth in to most areas of makeup, think foundation, contouring, highlighting, false lashes and even lip shapes. The second part (pages 152 to 218) is on problem solving, with lots of information on skincare and how to hold back the years, to what types of make to wear in hot and cold weather interestingly. 

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Part 1: Making Make-up Work For You

Being a blogger I feel I have read a lot of makeup books and also read makeup tips on a constant basis. So the true sign of a great indepth makeup book for me is it I discover new tips and in this section of the book I actually did. 
The most interesting section for me had to be eye makeup for different eye shapes and actually it isn't something I have ever thought about before. But actually my eye shape fit into  the downward-sloping eye shape as they slope downwards slightly at the outer corners. Tips such as only using eyeliner on the out corners of my lower lash time and smudging out and really focusing on curling my lashes I know I will take away with me. Another pro tip Jemma offers on foundation to know you have the right shade is to mix two shades together with a brush on the back of your hand and apply a little to your face, next to the nose. If the foundation sinks in and can be barely seen then it is the right mix of foundation for you. There are also great sections on what finishes and formula's of products (foundation, blusher etc) work best for each skin tone. 

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Favourite sections - eyeliner effects, correcting different lip shapes - uneven lips, thin lips, how to apply lip liner. Also loved the tutorials for the timeless looks section, in particular the Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardner looks. I have already given the Brigitte Bardot tutorial a go... something I have never actually done after reading a makeup book before!

 My only slight dislike about this section is the layout of the pages, it seems a bit all over the place. Little snippets and then large paragraphs randomly on each page. This meant that when I went to go back to a tip I have read it was sometimes hard to find. As it's quite in-depth I would have loved to have seen more solid blocks of text to read with good sub-headings.

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Part 2: Problem Solver 

The first 13 or so pages are all about skincare and how we can improve it by our diets and supplements we can take and apply to our skin. This was for me really interesting as I have never even considered taking Omega 3 or Vitamin A for my skin but now I really want to look into it and consider it. Lots of interesting bits to read in this section which I know I will be refering back to.
The next section is on skincare regimes and again it suggest things I had never thought about before. Such as if eye cream, gel or serums feel to stick on the eyes apply them as a mask to the eye area and eyelid for 10 minutes then pat off the excess. Also there are some good tips on how to remove stubborn eye makeup without rubbing at your eyes, something I am very guilty of. Also there is a detailed guide on how to give yourself a facial massage which is really interesting!
   The next big section is on 'holding back the years' which is approached really well with helpful tips. Sadly after that section I did feel the book lost focus with a mixture of subjects such as hot weather makeup, perfect skin in an instant, 5 minutes makeup for lunch. Each section being too short and lacking in detail, but this is only for the last part of the book thankfully. 
Favourite sections - All the skincare information, facial massage, makeup removal tips.

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If you were to give this book as a gift I would say it would good for anyone from the age of 18 to 50's as it covers such a broad range of topics in a more adult manner than a lot of makeup books I have read. 

If anything I would say there is too much information in this book to read and it is one to go back to time and time again, making it really great value for money. 

Fee xo.

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