Gift Idea - Cheap Shamballa Bracelets


In the past year Shamballa bracelets have become really popular. Of course genuine Shamballa bracelets are upwards of £50 and have pretty Swarovski crystals in them. However now you can purchase much cheaper versions on Amazon and eBay. 

This Shamballa bracelet was only £2.68 with free p&p from Amazon - here!

There are so many versions available on Amazon (all the cheap Shamballa bracelets can be found here) from multi-coloured versions, to gold and silver ones. Making these a great inexpensive gift for someone, a little stocking filler... or even a gift to yourself!

 As for the quality I am really impressed. Of course the little crystals may drop out over time I am thinking but the cord really makes this a sturdy bracelet. As you can see from the above images the cord at the back of the bracelet can be adjusted by quite a large amount, so really this will fit all wrist sizes.
Of course as it is so near Christmas you will have to check each sellers delivery details on Amazon, however my bracelet was dispatched the same day and posted 1st class. 

Fee xo. 

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