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I was thinking about writing a series of gift guides again this Christmas. However there are so many gift guides all over the internet this year that I thought I would only do ones that spring to mind and not a series.

Such as this gift guide which has been inspired by my love of giving gifts that don't just get forgotten or used within a few months after Christmas. All the ideas below are savvy friendly and no more than £36.

U.S mag subscription

Magazine subscriptions 
from £25.00
This is quite an obvious one I know. But after recently reading the U.S versions of Marie Claire and Elle magazine on holiday it has been highlighted to me how much better U.S magazines are, plus of course it is something totally different to read! I was quite suprised how U.S Marie Claire differs to our U.K version - just a lot more content and really positive towards strong confident women. is probably the best and cheapest place for non-U.K subscriptions and 6 months is probably a good subscription length I would say. For a good UK magazine subscription I would highly recommend Red magazine which I am subscribed to. iSubscribe offer 6 months for only £13.60 here which is pretty good!

Here are some of my picks...
For glossy Fashion readers - ELLE U.S (6 months - £36.91), Marie Claire USA (6 months - £35.11), Allure (6 months - £36.31)
For Teens - Glamour USA (6 months - £35.23), Seventeen (6 months - £24.85)
For Home Decor readers - Martha Stewart Living (6 months - £29.83) Elle Decor U.S (6 months - £35.23)


ASOS Premier Account 
£9.95  for a year
I've had a ASOS premier account for a year now and it has been so worth while to have it that I think it would be a great gift to give anyone that shops online a lot. For £9.95 a year the holder of the premier account can enjoy unlimited next day delivery (or selected day delivery) with no minimum order and a hard copy of the ASOS magazine each month. Also through -out the year they will receive discount codes and early access to sales. You can find out more and sign up - here


  Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal 
£6.85 from Amazon - here
I came across this last week when looking for a 2013 planner for someone and thought this was an amazing idea for a gift. The 5 year Journal asks you a question each day and isn't bulky as you would expect as each page has a space for the 5 years. So once you have gone through each day you start all over again and can compare your answers from past years - really very clever. The journal also looks really good and would make a great gift for someone that enjoys quirky but thoughtful gifts.

Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols
from £15.50 per person

Afternoon tea can of course be taken in any hotel and restaurants however I decided to select Harvey Nichols Afternoon Tea as there are HN stores in pretty much every city and it is very affordable. I have previously had Afternoon Tea in Harvey Nichols Manchester and the restaurant and cakes were amazing! Afternoon tea can be taken everyday including Sunday and are sometimes themed (I had Jo Malone Afternoon Tea!). I would personally purchase gift vouchers for the correct amount in-store (some prices per person are more than £15.50) and visit the restaurant to pick up an Afternoon Tea menu and then place this with the gift card. However you would have to double check gift vouchers can be spent on Afternoon Tea.

Hopefully these are some slightly different ideas for a more thoughtful gift!

Fee xo. 

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