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My last post before Christmas and something a little bit different! 

I asked the wonderful Celina of if she would answer a few Christmassy questions as I am such a fan of her blog. Her style is just so chic and her blog is always so positive... it's my little escape read when the weather is miserable in the UK

Hope you enjoy the read... 

 Where are the ultimate places to shop in Monaco at Christmas?
Monaco is very small so there aren't too many places to choose from. The ultimate place to shop in Monaco at Christmas is the Metropole shopping Centre where you can find a great mix of both affordable and luxury brands. Last time I went shopping there I sat next to the lovely Princess Charlene whilst having a quick lunch and they go to great lengths to decorate the store over Christmas and it really feels like being inside a
jewellery box.
Depending on which doors you use to exit the shopping centre you either come out just below Boulevard des Moulins which also offer some really great boutique stores or you exit onto the casino square around which all the big fashion and luxury houses including Chanel, Céline, Hermès and Cartier have set up camp.


Favourite thing about spending Christmas in Monaco?
I have never actually spent Christmas in Monaco, but the pre Christmas period is lovely. Monaco is second to none when it comes to decorating itself and they really do all they can to get people in the Christmas spirit. The Christmas fair is pulled together from all over Europe and all the public spaces have ornate Christmas decorations alongside the palm trees.

  Where do you shop online for last-minute gifts?
I have many favourite online stores, but for last minute gift shopping I'd say Net-a-porter, MyTheresa and Mr.Porter are the best for very nice gifts. For smaller beauty gifts I always turn to FeelUnique. I have a whole page dedicated to my favourite online shops, which you can see here:

  What would you buy for a fellow fashionista this year?
I would either buy something sparkly for the festive season or something metallic like a metallic clutch for the upcoming season. I actually just came across a gorgeous slouchy foil "paper bag" clutch in Nastygal which I loved!


What are you hoping for in 2013?
We are getting a flat in London next year in which we are planning on spending the winter time, so I hope I will meet lots of lovely people and that we will be happy there. I am very excited about it, and I have a feeling it will be amazing as I've always wanted to live in a big city.

My sister will have her first child next year as well, so I hope everything will go smoothly during the birth and that I get to see them lots throughout the year. Luckily Norway is only an hour away :)

Your favourite part of the festive season?
My favourite part of the festive season is that it is the best opportunity of the year for everyone to get all dressed up and enjoy the festivities together as family and friends without work or any other distractions to get in the way. I love that!


 How will you be spending Christmas Day?
Like last year I will be spending Christmas Day in LA which is such a cool city. We are still trying to figure out where we are going to go afterwards for New Year. So far we are looking into Vegas for New Years and then New York for the sales! We are still working on our plans though so we could end up doing something completely different. Whatever happens I think it will be a great couple of weeks!

Thanks soooo much Celina for the lovely interview. Here are a few of my favourite blog posts on that you should have a read of! 

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I hope you have enjoyed this different sort of post and found a lovely new blog to follow!

 I wish you all a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow full of family & friends, love, food and lots of presents... Fee xo.
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