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Come December 1st I will be on a self imposed spending ban. I don't normally go on spending bans but I keep on treating myself and that is just not allowed at Christmas! 

I know I will break it at some stage... most likely when ASOS send me a discount code or I go to Primark and see all the lovely festive bedding and sleepwear. But I really am going to focus on buying lovely gifts for other people for Christmas. But before Dec, 1 I thought I would fit in a little bit of sneaky shopping!  

Stag Cushion (Matalan - £8 in-store) 
 Now technically these aren't for me, but for my sofa for Christmas... a Christmas present to my sofa - yes. I already have 3 red cushions for my sofa for Christmas so these would look lovely with them. I'm not a huge fan of stag heads but I think these will just work for Christmas as I'm trying to have quite stylsh decorations this year. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Dome (£4.00 - here) & Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil (£4.00 - here)
The Body Shop know how to do lovely festive scents and have definitely sucked me in after I had a sniff of them all in-store last week when shopping. I instantly fell in love with the packaging/style of the lip domes, they are like an improved version of the EOS packaging with the bottom being a perfect shape to hold, so I definitely want to try out at least one of these. As for the fragrance oil I have been looking for a festive scent for my home besides candles. I actually don't burn fragrance oils but pour a little onto cotton wool balls/cotton pads and place them down the back of my radiators so when the heating is on the scent fragrances my whole house.

Thierry Mugler Alien 30ml (Feel Unique -£28.80 here)
 I won't go into raptures trying to explain the scent of this perfume, because I just even know where to start. But I recently tried a sample of this and instantly fell in love. It is too pricey to just treat myself to so this will be going on my Christmas list! I'm a huge fan of Thierry Mugler fragrances. 

A wear festive jumpers

A Wear Festive Jumpers (ASOS - £35 here & here)
I spotted these yesterday on ASOS and was instantly tempted to buy myself one, though I was good and resisted. I'm thinking I like the red one the best as it's nicely festive but the Fairisle jumper I know I could wear after Christmas and I do like the neck line for some reason. I'm sure I will cave in and get one before December to wear with some dark wash skinny jeans.

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 (Boots -£5.49 here)
 This has to be the new bloggers favourite as I have seen this specific shade on so many blogs in the past month. From reading reviews the new-ish Kate Moss range of matte lipsticks aren't drying and highly pigmented. I'm currently in love with red wine/deep berry lip shades and this look like a really rich shade from the swatches I have seen and more like a higher-end lipstick. 

Barry M Croc Effect Nail Polish in Burgundy (ASOS - £3.00 here)
 I'm sure I have mentioned this before on Makeup Savvy but I have failed to buy it as I have been so in to buying glitter nail polish. This looks like such an interesting effect. It's currently on sale at ASOS so I think I will just have to get it.  

The Night Circus (Amazon - £3.86 here) 
 The Night Circus was recommended to me by Alix and Steph in yesterdays Winter Reading post here and it was actually a book that I was thinking about getting, but didn't! So I'm now going to make this my holiday read as they both told me how good it was... but it is only a few days until I go away on holiday so I'm hoping WHSmiths with have it. I love when I get recommendations in the comment, so really thank you both! 

 I have so many things that I want it's shocking, but I'm going to have to be good and ask for most of them for Christmas!

What are you tempted to buy yourself before Christmas? 

Fee xo.

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