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Lush Soap Review

I am a soap person. Well actually I am an 'anything that smells good' person. So I am very much in to body scrubs, shower gels, bath goodies and nice soap. 

I have relaxed my rules on only using sulphate-free products recently and now use standard soap (if these soap can be classed as standard!) to wash my hands with and also sometimes in the shower. Basically because I missed the wide choice of amazing smelling soaps. 

Two soaps that I have started using recently are the Honey I Washed the Kids soap and also the Rock Star soap from Lush. When I think of Lush I still do think of them as that amazing soap shop even though they do so many different and interesting products now. But for me the soaps and bath bombs always catch my attention first.

Honey I Washed the Kids Lush Soap Review

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap 
(£3.40/100g - Lush website or in-store) 

This is one of Lush's best selling soap and I can totally see why. Many times I have gone into Lush even when I was totally SLS-free and had to smell this just to inhale the scent. There is just something about this slightly honey/caramel/orange goodness; the balance of all the different scents is just perfect. 

I have been using this as hand soap but also on my arms and legs in the shower as it is quite moisturising and lathers up really nicely. The block above is around 130g so would cost around £4.40 however the good thing about Lush is that you can ask for as much or as little as you like. I am pretty sure there would be nothing stopping you asking for say - 30g of a certain soap which would only cost £1.00 to try out. Actually I will try this out when next in Lush and report back!

This is a great soap for next to the sink as you can buy a 100g or more block of it then slice it up and each slice with still have a bit of the honeycomb on the top which looks great. 

Rock Star Lush Soap review

Rock Star Soap 
(£3.40/100g - Lush website or in-store) 

I love this just as much as Honey I Washed the Kids but for totally different reasons. This is the sweetest smelling soap you will find in Lush... I actually can't describe how sweet it smells but trust me when I say that this smells like no other soap. For me this smells like yummy vanilla and a bag of pic and mix. Also if you pick up a piece of this in store to smell you will notice how creamy it feels which is why it is so nice to have this next to the sink.

One thing about Lush soaps is that they are creamy and give a creamy lather and that is the most noticeable in this soap! It lather up a treat and it's a thick creamy lather definitely makes it worth buying. 

If I were to give a few products from Lush as a gift at Christmas as I much prefer that than buying one of the Lush sets (though this year's Christmas gift sets start at only £6.95!) then this would always be included, along with The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.25) as it just looks amazing. 

Honey I Washed the Kids Lush Soap

As you can see this is what I like to do with the soaps from Lush. Unlike pretty much all soaps these slice up so easily, no sawing through them with a knife unlike other standard soaps I have had in the past - with Lush soap the knife just slices though them. So this means you can cube them up like I do or slice them so you don't get that annoying gooey soap mess unlike when using a bar of soap. It also means you can put some in shower and next to the sink. Or even for travelling with!

Lush have recently come out with lots of new products and I have to say I am very tempted by their Popcorn Lip Scrub (£5.25/25g - here) and also their Fun range (£5.00 - here) which is basically plasticine for children & adults to use in the shower, bath or even as shampoo!

What are your all time favourite products from Lush? 

Fee xo.

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