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e.l.f Innocent nail polish 

A quickie nail post today from my achieves as I spent all last night watching a TV series called Once Upon a Time and I got a bit hooked on it!

I watched a million trailers for a new TV series to watch that looked the most interesting and different. Anyone else like to find a new TV programme to get through when it's coming winter time?

On to nails! My love of nude nails is on a par with my love of glitter nails, so I do own quite a significant amount of 'very similar looking' shades of nail polish, though to me they are all different and lovely. On a side note I am still yet to do my '50 Shades of Nude (nail polish)’ post but I am thinking by next year I will have a whole 50 nude nail polishes to actually write that post! Anyway, so having quite a few nude shades some do get a little unloved and ELF Innocent (£2.50 - e.l.f Cosmetics) is one of them sadly. 

I do quite like ELF nail polishes; they apply nicely, lovely shade range and only £2.50 each. But they do have what I would called the ‘cheap factor’ about them in that the consistency even though opaque is on the thin side and my nail polish addicted eye can spot this even when it is on the nails and I just don’t like it. Also thin nail polish does show up imperfections such as ridges on the nails more than a normal nail polish... I find the £1 MUA ones also to be quite similar.

Here I did apply a coat of Essie Ridge Filler Base Coat (£7.00 - eBay) to fix the problem of the ridges in my nails being visible so it does look a lot nicer on the nails but I can still see that it's a thin nail polish even though I applied two thick coats. That aside this is a lovely nude shade that is great to wear alone or add nail art to... I am thinking gold studs or balls would look great on these nails!

Yay or Nay for ELF nail polishes?

Also please let me know if you can see what I mean by the nail polish looking thin on the nails!

Fee xo.

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