Easy Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

easy halloween nail art tutorial

From a Christmas post to a Halloween post in one day! I keep actually forgetting that it hasn't been Halloween yet, as it is mid-week this year.

But even if you celebrated Halloween over the weekend these are nails you can do super fast and people will really notice them!

When it comes to nail art I always think simple is best. You don't want something too complicated that you can't recreate on your other hand or that takes you an hour to do. So anything that includes lines, dots and swirling colours together is for me - though I do like trying out different things to see how it looks. 

bone halloween nails 

What you will need...

For this you will need a thin nail art brush and a dotting tool... however if you haven't got either of those you can use a fine paintbrush or eyeliner brush and for the dotting tool an open out hair slide/bobby pin will work perfectly.

 Though if you know you want to try out more nail art then getting a set of nail brushes and different sized dotting tools is so inexpensive! The brush I used here is from a 6 piece nail art brush set which is only £2.79 free p&p from a UK seller on eBay (listing here) and the dotting tool see here is from a set of 5 2-way dotting tools which are an amazing £1.58 free p&p from a UK seller on eBay (listing here). So for under £5 you can try out all different types of nail art.

How to achieve Bone Nails... 

I won't even explain how to do the little stitches on the green nails as it's so easy to do. But I discovered a fool-proof way of creating little bones on the nails - so easy!

You basically want to paint small lines onto the nails at different angles, I would say a maximum of 4 lines per nail. Then with your dotting tool you want to place 2 dots next to each other either end of each line. You want to overlap the dots a little so they don't look like two dots. Then you are done! So simple.

Super duper easy and quick to do.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Models Own polish is Toxic Apple - I had to get it for Halloween!

Fee xo.

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