A Little China Glaze Splurge + Micro Blog Sale!

China Glaze Hunger Games

Sometimes when you have been working hard or have been feeling under the weather you just need to treat yourself. Which is just what I did when I saw these polishes online! 

All the nail polishes are from the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection... but to be honest they looked so ideal for Autumn I had to get them. From left to right I got - Foie Gras, Harvest Moon, Fast Track, Luxe &Lush and Elecrify. I truly do love them all, especially Elecrify... it is just amazing! 

I did actually buy a few more of Luxe & Lush and also Elecrify as I thought they were so pretty... for autumn and Christmas! Which I did plan on selling on eBay however I thought I would show them on here first incase anyone wanted them

I have 2 of each nail polish (brand new) and you can see a swatch of Luxe & Lush (here) and a swatch of Elecrify (here). Pretty amazing, right? I'm selling each nail polish for £4.50 free p&p.

First come, first served as I only have 4 to sell! So if you would like to buy any please leave me your email address below so that I can email you for your address and payment via Paypal. 

Fee xo.   

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