Neom Invigorate Home Candle

Neom invigorate candle

From talking about Christmas in my last post to a fresh, zingy candle! 

In the past two years I have become a candle lover,but not just any old candle lover, oh no - an organic candle lover! Gone are the days where I use to buy any old candle (though sometimes I do give in to Jelly Belly candles) because now I am use to soot-free, natural scents. 

For tea lights I like Heaven Scent ones, for wax tarts that I use in a burner I love Busy Bee candles (the strongest scented candles you can buy in my opinion) and for actual candles I love Neom. 

 Now this Neom Invigorate Candle (£39.50/1kg or £15/0.25kg) may seem like an odd choice this time of year, but for me I need something zingy and up lifting during the day so I don't go into hibernation mode with my throw. I am not joking, at the sign of colder weather I start having 6pm naps and sitting with my throw watching TV! 

Neom invigorate

So this candle has been filling my living room with fresh scents of grapefruit, bergamot & lime... though I can't truly say I know what bergamot smells like. Making for a fresh and energising aroma, in fact this has to be Neoms most fresh candle they do. Though of course if you are new to Neom or do not want to splash out the nearly £40 for the 1kg 3-wick home candle then there is the travel candle (0.25kg single wick) at a more modest £15.00 which does actually last quite some time. 

 Going back to the organic element of the candle this have the benefit of burning clean, meaning that no soot is carried in the smoke resulting in a pure aroma and a stain-free wall! Also this means no charring to the glass candle holder which so many candles do. 

Just a wonderful candle that is so uplifting for when you are tired, stressed or just needing to relax. 

Fee xo.

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