Multi-Use Wonder Product - Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

I'm not sure where to start with this review because this product even though it is so simple with only ONE ingredient (cocos nucifera) it has a multitude of uses! 

The product is a 250g pot of unrefined cold pressed oil that is of a thick/hard white consistency in the jar which melts into an oil on touch/heat.... and smells a bit like a Bounty!

So how can this be used -Moisturiser, body oil, hair treatment before washing, over night hair treatment, cuticle oil, facial cleanser (removes eye makeup), anti-dandruff remedy (if rubbed into scalp), weight loss aid (if ingested), used in cooking in place of oil/butter. I'm sure there are more uses that I haven't thought of!

Price wise I feel it is pretty good as Fushi products are on the pricey/high end side and it is also a product that will last you. I found it on quite a few sites so thought I'd list them. 

Fushi website - £5.30 (plus p&p)
Look Fantastic - £8.95 (free delivery)
Can also be found at The Nutri Centre (in Tesco Extra stores) and Waitrose. But you can check your nearest stockist on the Fushi website.


How I have been using it... 

Body Oil - The main use I have been using it for is as a body oil after showering. I rub a 50p sized blob between my hands to melt it and it does most of my body. It's quite a thin non-sticky oil but it isn't a dry oil... so it does leave the skin feeling greasy, but the next morning your skin will feel so soft that it will amaze you. Can also be used on stretch marks/scaring to help them areas look better I have found.

Removing Makeup - I have also been using it as a cleanser, just a 5p sized amount rubbed into dry skin then wiped off with a muslin cloth that has been soaked in hot water - it even removes waterproof eye makeup without stinging the eyes at all, just dissolves the makeup off the eyes.

 Hair - For my hair I have been using this about 30 minutes before having a shower. I just rub this on the ends of the hair and through the length then put it up in a bun to soak in. Then I wash my hair as normal - shampoo & condition, and find my hair feels a bit smoother (no frizz) and softer.

Cuticle Oil - For this I literally have been just dipping my (clean) fingers into the jar (you hardly use any) and then I massage the oil into the cuticles. It does the job and smells lovely! 

I am going to also be brave and try using this in cooking as I am dieting at the moment so if I could use this instead of Olive oil that would be great. I just need to look online for how to use it properly first.

My only dislike about the product is the lack of instruction on the jar, it literally just mentions that if used internally use 2 to 3 teaspoons a day at meal times. Nothing about how to use it best on the skin or hair.. which seems odd as it's such a multi-purpose product (very much like the packaging for Dr Bronners Magic Soap). Also I would like to take this on holiday with me as I know it would work wonders on my hair after being in the sea but it does liquefy very easily so could easily leak everywhere (which is what happened a bit in the post!). 

But overall this is an amazing product that you only need a little of per use. It also smells amazing (ideal for coconut lovers) and as pure as you can get from a product - so it is perfect if you love your organic products. 

Fee xo.

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