MUA's Exciting New Nail Products!

MUA  NEW Nail Constellation

It's not often I get the urge to blog about a new range until it's out and I can actually try it out. But I had to share these amazing images of the new MUA Nail Constellation range that I came across on the MUA blog yesterday. 

For such a budget brand the imagery for new product is just outstanding and so creative - something you would maybe expect to see from Illamasqua in fact! 

As you can see the new MUA micro bead nail art is very similar indeed to the Ciate Caviar Manicure which is a whooping £18. But these.... £3?! Yes, only £3, how good is that! You couldn't even buy micro beads off eBay that cheap. 

MUA NEW Nail Constellation nail art

MUA's Nail Constellation will be out September 26th in selected Superdrug stores & online and will consist of 5 different shades all inspired by the patterns formed by the stars in the night sky - how creative and cool! 

The Nail Constellation image above is of 'Gemini' which I think is my favourite. I have to say having tried the 'micro bead' manicure it isn't something you would wear everyday, but I so want to try these but just dotting a few on the nails like polka dots. I can see that looking really nice. Or even quite a lot of the beads near to the bottom of the nail then less and less towards the top. 

I'm dying to try these out now! So many ideas!

On another note what products would you recommend from MUA? I really haven't tried much and feel I need to badly.

Fee xo.

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