Lip Smacker Paul Frank Lip Balms!

Paul Frank Lip Smackers

Ahhhhh pretty lip balms, how I will never get bored of you or have too many!

Yes, I am a total lipbalm-o-holic. From high-end to novelty balms, I love them all. For novelty lip balms my top brand without a doubt has to be Lip Smacker.

 Back in March I did a review of the Lip Smacker Coca Cola Trio (which you can read here) and I totally loved them. But now they have a whole new range out that is so very cute and with some amazing flavours such as Carrot Cake!

As you can see the new collection is by Paul Frank and consists of 8 different scents/flavours which can be bought in trios and cute little gift sets from Amazon start at £5 (see the range - here).

Lip Smacker Paul Frank lip balm

Bunny Girl's Carrot Cake - Firstly how cute or should I say, how kawaii is the packaging and flavour?! I'm just in love. Like all Lip Smacker lip balms this is an easy to apply balm with an amazing scent - and yes, it does actually smell like freshly baked carrot cake. I should point out that Lip Smacker lip balm are known for their amazingly strong scented flavours that actually smell like the scent they are supposed to be. However on the lips the scent/flavour isn't as strong, just more of a sweet taste... but it is definitely very more-ish.

Spicoli's Spumoni - Now the name of this lip balm just threw me. But after a quick Google I discovered Spicoli is the cute little hamster which you can see above and Spumoni is actually a molded domed Italian ice-cream that consists of 3 different flavours! Sounds quite yummy and also tastes quite yummy. So what are the three ice-creams I can pick out of this scent?... hmmm, definitely cherry, maybe vanilla and also bubblegum. Very tasty indeed! Again like the other lip balms this applies so smoothly, giving a little gloss to the lips and smooths out any rough bits of skin. Though for chapped, sore or very dry lips I would recommend something like Blistex or my secret weapon - Bepanthen nappy cream.

Bunny Girls Carrot Cake

The other flavours include - Julius's Red Raspberry, Julius's Coconut and Cream, Clancy's Cotton Candy, Mika's Sweet Cream, Julius's Strawberry Banana and Chachi's Fried Ice Cream.

As for the sets from Amazon my favourite would have to be the Paul Frank Lip Balm Trio Cane with Bunny Girl Key Ring (£6 free p&p - here) as it contains the wonderful Bunny Girls Carrot Cake lip balm and also Julius' Coconut Cream and Clancy's Cotton Candy... plus a very cute Bunny Girl keyring that fits onto the top of any of the lip balms so that you can have one attached to your keys! (I would actually do this). 

Also whilst looking I found a bit of a bargain - a Coca Cola Trio (Coca Cola, Sprite and Tango) with keyring topper for only £3.38 - here. So I may have possibly bought it....

Fee xo.

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