If you had £50 Right Now...


What would you spend it on?

Quite a random question to ask, but as you can see I have a £50 note and it's not often you get one of those! haha. So I decided to dream about what I would splurge it on. 

So here is what I decided I would treat myself to if I could!

nars gift set 

Nars Beach Lover Gift Set
£35.00 - here (Nars)
 The first ever Nars products that I tried were part of the Nars Wicked Attraction gift set and I loved all the products in the set, and still do. So now I have my eye on this set as I know I would enjoy all the products and the Nars free delivery is very much tempting me. The set contains - Blush Duo in Hungry Heart and Orgasm, Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Skorpios, Lip Gloss in Laguna and Illuminator in Laguna. Really great value for money I think! 

Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration
£13 - here (Amazon)  
Yes Nigella has a new cookbook out! Actually it comes out tomorrow (13th Sept) and it is dedicated to only delicious Italian recipes. I am quite guilty of being a serial cookbook reader and not actually cooking much from the books but I am fine with that - it gives me great pleasure to look at all the lovely recipes in cookbooks sat in bed at night (please tell me other people do this?).
You can view quite a few of the recipes and images that are in the book - here.

Charbonnel et Walker Mini Pink Champagne Truffles 
£3.85 - here (John Lewis)
Just mmmmmmmmm. I tried these for the first time last month when Vaseline kindly sent them to me as part of the Vasaline mystery tin challenge and oh my word I have never tasted anything more amazing than these truffles. A total treat seeing as it works out more than £1.20 per truffle but I recently discovered you can 'click & collect' with John Lewis and pick up your products from Waitrose - this is dangerous information for me! 

So tell me what would you splurge on if you had £50 right now! 

Fee xo.

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