Denman Strawberry Scented Hair Brush

Denman Scented Hair Brush

Now I don't like to give bad reviews and this isn't as such but it is more on the negative side than most of my reviews as I fail to see the purpose of this scented product. 

You see I really wanted a Denman Scented Hair Brush (Amazon £7.25 - here) after sniffing them all in Boots and they all smelt lovely. So when I finally got my favourite scent - strawberry, months and months ago now, I was really pleased. But then after the first use I was a bit miffed... a scented hair brush that doesn't make your hair smell! Psh.

Okay, I can get over that it didn't make my hair smell... even though I would have loved if it could have done. But even when you are brushing your hair there is no scent.

Denman Strawberry Scented hairbrush 

The only scent is when you actually sniff the hair brush. Now I don't know about you, but I would find that an odd thing to do... and pointless just so that you can smell a synthetic smell of strawberries or whatever the hairbrush scent is. I guess it's kind of the same with scented nail polish... though at least you can actually smell the scent as the nail polish dries a bit, instead of a rank nail polish smell. Whereas a hairbrush is scent less to begin with, if you see what I'm trying to say.

So really I just don't see the point - yes, as a gift it is nice and something a bit different especially for a child/teenager. Not to mention it being quite a good quality brush. But I am a bit gutted that you can't even smell the scent as you brush your hair. 

Nice hair brush but just a pointless selling point (or USP I should say) that has let down many people I'm sure. 

Off to go sit and sniff my hair brush now... *tumbleweed*

Fee xo.

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