Blogging Love

Blogging Love

I recently came across a new tag on Couture Girl that Kayleigh actually came up with herself. You can read Kayleigh's post here which is a really good read. So I decided to also do the tag.

The tag consists of 5 reasons why you love blogging, your blogging aims for the future, a blogging tip and to mention a blogger that has inspired you.

5 things I love about blogging...

1. Creativity -From thinking what to write a post on, to setting out the products and taking photos, to thinking up new nail art looks or different little series, I feel I am constantly being creative and I love it. Before blogging... between leaving/dropping out of uni and starting my first blog, them few years in between I felt I wasn't being as creative as I wanted to be and I put it down to having to be a grown up! But no, oh nooo once I started blogging I got my creative fix and more and I still do. I really do love it!

2. People -I'm talking fellow bloggers, readers, pr people... they have all made & do make my blogging experience even more lovely. I know there will always be someone that understand why I need 10+ nude nail polishes and also just to randomly talk to during the day or even at night as I blog, I even enjoy chatting to some of the lovely PR people I have got to know over time. I have made so many friends from blogging and talking to people on twitter, even people who wanted to just know my advertising rates! Truly a great added bonus with blogging. 

3. Motivation - With blogging I always feel motivated which is someone I really like. I always have something I am wanting to do. So everyday that feeling of being motivated is there and doesn't really go away. I think about blogging a lot!


4. Photography - Once I left college where I did a year of Photography, I took the odd picture now and again but stopped doing it. But starting Makeup Savvy was a great way to get back into it. I worked my way up from a cheap digital camera to the camera I have now a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR and now I love photography more than ever. Even though it is just product photography I love setting up the products, getting the right angle, making sure the lighting is good and making collages with the images on Photoscape (a free program I use).

5. A hobby turned into a career - Now I wasn't sure whether to include this or not but it is something I am proud of because I just never in a million years expected this is what I would be doing and feel very privileged because of it. When I first started blogging I knew that some bloggers worked with PR companies and were given PR samples though that wasn't my motivation for blogging but after a year or so of blogging I got given different opportunities all of which I am so grateful of as I just didn't know such things could work or exist for me. I don't often feel proud of myself but this is one thing I am proud of and really happy about.

Blogging Aim - This is a tough one as I can say I have never had a plan or any goals with my blog, I have just seen where it has taken me and not really tried to reach a certain amount of followers/readers. However I think in the next few months I would love to do more posts as I can be a bit lazy sometimes and also change my layout slightly so that I can allow for bigger images... something I have been putting off doing as I hate trying to change the HTML of my blog!

Blogging Tip - Simply do your own thing and do it so that it makes you happy! If you want to review a product that has been reviewed five times that week - do. Because there will be lots of people that haven't read them five other reviews. If you want to make up your own tag or challenge - do. If you feel like you need a break from blogging to refresh yourself - do and don't feel guilty or the need to apologise about it. Basically make sure your blog is something you can be as free as you like with and you will enjoy it even more.

A Blogger who has inspired me -The blogger that inspired me to start my own blog was Charlotte from Lipglossiping. I already had an interior blog but Charlotte's blog was the only beauty blog I religiously followed because it stood out to me as being good on all levels. Her photography, the products she reviewed, her writing style, just everything made me want to blog about beauty products. Also the level that she was at also really interested me as blogging about interiors was a completely different kettle of fish which is why I decided my first EVER post would be - Is Blogging the new media? (very daring really for my first post) in which I mentioned Charlotte and Lipglossiping and she was my FIRST ever comment on Makeup Savvy! I can actually remember the feeling I got when I got my first comment and saw who it was from... fan girl moment for sure! haha.

If you also want to do the tag then feel free to use the first image I created. 

Fee xo.

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