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Something a little different today - a new possible series! This new series was inspired by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Maxi (The Lipstick Blog) after many talks about her lipstick addiction. It is a known addiction for Maxi and we are currently trying to seek help for her hehe! Actually I do have to keep tabs on her blogsale habits! 

 So I decided to come up with a series all about beauty obsessions and start it off by asking Maxi some questions on her love of lipstick which will hopefully be quite interesting for you all as she is indeed an expert in lipstick now - pratically degree level!

First things first, how large is your lipstick  collection? I want exact numbers!
  At last count it was 151 but I have probably gained one or two since then.
Explain your love of lipstick and why the need for just so many!
 I wish I could explain it to you but I can’t even explain it to myself. It is a totally irrational love of prettiness. Why do I need so many? – I don’t. 

What is your most worn lipstick?
 The most worn lipstick in my collection is probably Elf – Natural Nymph. I use it to block out my lip colour to put other lipsticks on top. I rarely wear it on its own though, It is a bit too concealer nude.

Can you remember what your first ever lipstick was? If so what was it/how old were you?
  My first ever lipstick would have been a red. I have been doing dance shows since I was 2 and had to wear “stage makeup” which included red lipstick.

Little Maxi
Little Maxi (on the right, if you can't tell!) aged 4 at her first ballet show wearing lipstick - of course!

Any lipsticks that you wanted but were hard to get hold of?
 90% of my Mac lipsticks are either from blog sales or CCO’s so I have had to be patient and wait for a lot of those I have wanted. I adore my NYX lipsticks as well and they are fairly tricky to get hold of. 

Which lipsticks couldn’t you live without?
 I think I could rest peacefully in my bed at night knowing I had at least one mac nude… Maybe. 

 How do you store all of your lipsticks?
 My lipsticks are currently in clear acrylic drawers (from Homebase - see image below) which I love because they become a sort of display feature.

Homebase acrylic storage

How many lipsticks are currently in the handbag you are using?
 I am actually using a really small bag at the moment so I only have 4 in there. But trust me that is very unusual. (Update: Makeup Savvy know this number is currently 9!)

What lip products are you currently lusting after right now?  
The Sisley lipsticks look INCREDIBLE. I would love to get my hands on one of them. Ok maybe two of them. 

Which range of lipsticks would you recommend everyone try?
 Definitely the NYX round lipsticks. The majority of them are gorgeous and creamy and they come in so many different colours there is bound to be one for everyone. 

What is your most loved but cheapest lipstick?
 I love my MUA lipsticks. I always seem to have a bit of a distaster with my lipsticks on nights out and end up breaking them or losing them so at £1 the MUA range is perfect. 

MAC lipstick

Which lipstick formulas that you have been disappointed by?
 I find Barry M to be very hit and miss. In my experience they have either been too dry or so soft they melt in to mush. 

You are going on holiday abroad for a week, how many lipsticks would you take with you? 
A week? That’s 7 days, two lipsticks a day… 14? Realistically? A nude pink, a nude beige, a brown, a red, a hot pink and an orange maybe? 

Favourite nude lipstick – Mac crème d’nude or Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle.

Favourite red lipstick – I am very disloyal to red lipsticks, my current favourite is Gosh Jumbo Lip gloss pencil in 03 Gypsy Red.

Thank you so much Maxi for answering the questions, make sure to have a read of her blog - here

If you feel like you have an obsession with any one beauty product with a large collection - mascara, skincare, foundation, nail polish etc and want to be featured, then please email me - makeupsavvy@live.co.uk with the subject 'Obsessions' and how large your collection is and some detail and I will get back to you. 

Fee xo. 

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