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w7 lava flow swatches

Back to normal nail posts again! 

 After the nail challenge I let my nails have a little break for a week but my inner nail polish addict decided to buy herself some new nail polishes *tut tut* and I now seem to have 8 new nail polishes in my ever expanding collection!

This W7 nail polish was actually my first purchase of my little splurge due to seeing it on The Sunday Girl's blog (read here) and loving it as an alternative to the pricey Nails Inc Sprinkles nail polishes. This is also my first ever W7 nail polish... I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with W7 as I really do see them as a copycat brand which I don't love but I do have to admit they have some good products for their price range.

I purchased W7 Lava Flow from Amazon for £2.95 which includes p&p (here). I don't often purchase beauty products from private sellers on Amazon but the delivery of this was so speedy. You can also find the two other shades from the same seller for the same price - Salt 'n' Pepper (here) and Mosaic *dupe for Nails Inc Pudding Lane* (here).

W7 Lava Flow swatches with matte top coat 

Application of the nail polish was really good and it did only need two coats which I was pleased about. Also as this is effectively glitter held in a creme nail polish I found it also applied quite nicely. As it is such as a different nail polish - kind of looks like you have done nail art on your nails when you look down at them oddly, I decided to try out a matte top coat over it to see what it would look like... didn't love it!

As for how well it lasted it wasn't amazing but I think most people that like nail polish do change their nails every 2-3 days which is when it started to chip at the tips. 

I'm really glad I decided to purchase this as it is such a different polish from anything I have in my collection and when your collection goes into 3 figures you want to seek out those unique nail polishes.... who am I kidding - I  just bought two new nude nail polishes!  

I thinking a little nail haul soon actually - Essie & Sally Hansen.. oh yes!

Fee xo.

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