Mystery Vaseline Tin Challenge... Oh La La!

Vaseline mystery tin challenge

Last week I was kindly sent a whole host of different craft goodies and set a challenge of guessing the new Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy. 

My clues were amazing Pink Champagne Truffles (which went in seconds?! One word - Amazing), a candle, a balloon, some bubbles in a plastic champagne glass and of course the blank Vaseline tin. Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes but my guess is that the Limited Edition tin is going to be Pink Champagne


But the challenge was also to decorate the tin and the chosen blogger actually wins a trip to Paris plus also has the chance to offer one of their blog readers the same - amazing, right?! Which I got quite excited about and actually ended up superglue-ing glitter to my fingers?! Whilst decorating the tin of course.

I also decided to be quite ambitious... which if you saw some of my Instagram pictures you will know just didn't work out. I started off by trying to make a miniature Eiffel tower out of wire which just didn't work. It looked more like a wire spider sadly.

Pink Champagne vaseline

I also thought about pressing pink glitter into the actual Vaseline but then decided that would be a bit silly as I do want to use it! It actually does smell of champagne - as you can see it have wine extracts in it. 

So then I finally decided to make an Eiffel Tower candle and started off with a huge candles and sculpted it down... actually quite hard work and it broke many times but I did it and I don't think it looks too bad if I say so myself. I also made a little bit of grass with cotton wool and made good use of the glitter which was very messy. What do you think? Would you buy my Parisian inspired Vaseline? hehe maybe not. 

Though I am actually going to keep this on my desk and use it with the candle still on top! 


The new Limited Edition Vaseline Lip Therapy with be available to from Selfridges from 5th September at £3.49. The tin is pink and black... sadly no eiffle tower candle included?!

But if you want to find out more info and see the actual tin then you can visit the Facebook page at

After all the talk of the new flavour what flavour would you like to see from Vaseline? I would actually love a Toffee Fudge flavour or even if they joined up with another brand and did a Willy Wonka Popping Candy one?! That would be amazing. 

Hope you like my tin! 

Au revoir, 

Fee xo.
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