Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant Cream Review

New Dove Maximum Protection deodorant

Before you read this post I have a little confession to make. About a month ago now I saw quite a few beauty bloggers reviewing this particular deodorant and in my head I thought 'really a deodorant on a beauty blog, how boring!'

 But now I hold my hands up and admit I was wrong to think that way because I fully understand why other bloggers wanted to mention this product because the deodorant is in fact a very good product!

Though I will admit the topic of everyday items such as deodorant, toothpaste, dental floss, hand soap and so on is pretty bland so I will try to keep this short and sweet.

The Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant Cream (Boots - here) is priced more highly than your average deodorant at £5.30 though only a little is needed and not very often and this really is superior to other deodorants. Let me explain... this product is actually a 48 hour protection deodorant which is best applied at night before sleep. You just need two clicks of the deodorant and the cream soaks into the armpits and literally feels as if you haven't applied anything. Then in the morning (even after showering!) you don't need to re-apply deodorant. 


What really has impressed me with this deodorant is the lack of dampness through the day. As a person that doesn't overly sweat I do just tend to feel a bit damp under my arms with normal spray deodorants when I'm busy so I did just re-apply throughout the day. But with this it's just totally dry - no sweat at all! Also I really like the feeling of there being no product on the skin of my under arms. I think it's also worth mentioning that I have always disliked roll-on or cream deodorants because of that tacky/sticky feeling you seem to get, so I have always used sprays, up until now that is.

Actually it feels a little odd not applying deodorant that often because I'm just so use to spraying a few times each day. But there is literally no need to with this.

Also I like the fresh delicate scent of the pomegranate & lemon and I'm not missing choking when I use to over spray my normal aerosol deodorant! 

If you want really good protection I really do recommend this - you won't be disappointed.

Fee xo.

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