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Some more lovely products from Direct Cosmetics (read about Stila Lip Trio sets here)! Bourjois is one of my favourite high street cosmetics brand however they have gone rather pricey in the past two years and some of my favourite products from them have been now discontinued.

For example the Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadows... now many people may not like liquid eyeshadow or they weren't sure that they were exactly. But these are actually amazing and I haven't a clue why Bourjois don't sell them anymore. I actually love them a lot more than the Bourjois little pot eyeshadows.


If you have been a reader of my blog for some time you may have seen me mention the Shimmering Shine Eyeshadows (£1.99 each) before as the shade Brun Magnetique (far right) is my favourite liquid eyeshadow. It is such a pretty metallic brown shade which I use over MAC Bare Study Paint Pot more toward the crease. One thing I love about the range is that they feel weightless and reviving on the lids which is to do with the high water content I think. They just don't feel thick or sticky they just dry and then it's like you aren't wearing eyeshadow, definitely a different feeling. 

However Molecule D'Or is my new favourite as the golden shade is just amazing. It can either me dabbed on the lids with the applicator and left to dry quite opaque or you can blend it out with your finger or a brush for a daytime gold smokey eye - so pretty. The other shade Beige Metallique (middle) is more of a cool toned light brown that looks lovely in the crease blended out with Molecule D'or on the lid. 

There are quite a few other shades available on Direct Cosmetics I'm sure but I just love these three neutral shades because there really make the eyes stand out and give that Olsen twin smokey eye, which is so pretty. Also great for summer and holidays because they last so well and don't crease until well into the night.

Bourjois En toute Affinite

Now another product that interested me was the Bourjois En Toute Affinite nail polish (£1.49) which was a range of nude nail polish to match your skin tone. This shade Beige Nude #22 is a touch too dark/warm for my skin tone so I may get a shade lighter/pinker would be better with Beige Rose #25 but I love the idea of nail foundation. Of course this is just a nude nail polish and can we worn alone but if this matched your skin tone perfectly it would make a great base for all nail polish or for nail art such as leopard print nails with multi-colour spots (I need to try this) or black polkadots.

Also the application of this is flawless which hopefully you can tell by the finish. It literally just glides onto the nails even with the first coat. 

However I have also noticed two Bourjois French Manicure sets containing three nail polishes a white, nude and clear top coat for only £3.49! Just imagine if Bourjois on the high street was that cheap... would never happen, but thankfully we have the internet and good discount websites.

I'm definitely thinking I need to try some more nail polishes from the site especially the set as a good white nail polish is always handy and also some from the Bourjois 1 Seconde One Coat nail polish range (£1.49 each). 

But really if you like liqiud eyeshadows you will be impressed with the Shimmering Shine range!

Fee xo.  

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