15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 7 - Neon Nails

Models Own Pink Punch

Arghhh no, my first fail of the nail challenge! When I sat down this moring to paint my nails neon I realised that I only own one neon nail polish - Models Own Pink Punch... fail #1. Then I remembered it also doesn't photograph well, my camera clearly disliked it's neon undertones... fail #2. Then I messed up the file type of the image and made it a little fuzzy... fail #3!! 

So please just ignore the nails completely and look at a previous nail post were I used Pink Punch that kind of shows the tone and brightness of it more (here). Though if you want to look at more accurate swatch I would suggest looking at this post (here) on Forever The Ugly Duckling's blog.

 The pink/orange neon shade is one of my most favourite bright nail polishes. It is perfect for summer and looks amazing on the toes... ideal for wearing on holiday/on the beach. Also the application is spot on, opaque in two coats. To add a bit more interest I painted the tips with Models Own Juicy Jules!

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Tomorrow I will be away and won't have internet access which means I won't be able to include all of your links! 

However I have used a little form in tomorrows scheduled Leopard Print Nails post were you can type in your blog name and enter your link and then it will actually update the post with your link! The post will also be up earlier at 1pm. 

Fee xo.

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