My Love of Detangling Sprays

Naked and Supersoft detangling spray

I have long hair. Long but non-tangly hair really. However after I wash my hair I normally like to put it up in a towel and leave it there while I either do my makeup or just do nothing really. Then when I take my hair out of the towel it is normally semi dry and full of tangles! 

I do have a tangle teezer which 100% helps and gets through all the tangles but I have found it takes no time at all if I use a de-tangling spray as well. 

 I currently use two detangling sprays and like them equally on most points. But as I like my products to be free from nasties I'm now opting for the Naked Untangle Me Spray. Though these two do work is quite similar ways.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft detangling spray

Supersoft Kids Tropical Fruit Scent Spray - 150ml/£2.20 - Tesco, Sainbury's
Naked for Kids Orange Lollies Untangle Me Spray 200ml/£2.99 - Naked online here, Boots

Supersoft also have a Strawberry and Milk scent which I'm dying to try because it sounds yummy. Just need to use up the last on my tropical scented spray.

Both products work in exactly the same way. You just spray the product all over wet/damp hair and then brush through. They don't leave any texture or residue in the hair however much you use and if you have a really knotty area you can spray a bit more closer up and it sorts it out perfectly.

Naked for Kids Untangle me spray orange lollies

Scent wise I do prefer the tropical scent the most as it's so summery smelling but it is on the synthetic side mind. Were are the Naked orange lollies scent does smell like oranges but isn't synthetic-y but oranges aren't really my thing.

I feel that detangle sprays are something that most of us would over look at they do all seem to be aimed at children, but if you do get tangly hair then getting a spray like one of these will just sort out the problem and I'm sure it must cut down of the amount of split ends as well! 

Fee xo.

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