Lifting the Lid... She Said Beauty Box May 2012

She Said Beauty May Box 2012

She Said Beauty Box time! 

When I opened this box I was instantly impressed. All great brands and all up to date products like the Kim Kardashian perfume and The Vintage Cosmetic Company lashes.  

 The Price 
 The She Said Beauty box contains 5-6 luxury beauty samples for £9.00 a month plus £2.95 delivery or you can pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance (a one off payment) with a saving.
 You can view all prices & subscription details here.

The Packaging
The She Said Beauty box is a lovely feminine duck egg blue with a magnetic flap close that looks really elegant if re-used for storage. The products are also packaged with natural shredding that is great for being re-used with gifts or even in soap dishes I have found.

She Said Beauty Box May Review

The Products

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Lashes - Connie (soft and natural)
(Full size £6.00 - here
Again in my attempt to try every product in the box I tried these out and wore them for a night out even though I don't wear false eyelashes often at all. I applied the lashes with my own Eylure glue so I can't report of what the glue was like that came with it, but I'm sure it works fine. Personally for me these were a little too long and thin... I think they could have done with some shorter lashes to make them blend in better with my natural lashes. But having seen the Vintage Cosmetics Company Lashes range in person (they stock them in a large Tesco store I visit) they do have many different styles. So I was just a bit unlucky that I received this style... though having said that I find these a lot less daunting than heavy false eyelashes. A lovely product to include and at least I did get some use out of them but sadly the style wasn't for me.

Inika Vegan Lip Whip  8ml - Apricot 
(Full size £14.30 - here)
My oh my how I like this product! When I first looked at it I thought it was just another lip gloss but this really is a 'lip whip' it is so light, non-sticky and glossy (what all lip glosses should be like in my eyes). It just really surprised me! Plus this actually smells/tastes like Terry's Chocolate Orange?! The shade on the lips is a dark nude that is so wearable and shiny. I'm so pleased to have discovered this product through the She Said Beauty Box.

Kim Kardashian perfume sample 
(From £22.95 at full-size)
When I saw this I was quite excited as I love perfume samples that I actually recognise but sadly this was such a fail. Fail in the sense that I couldn't even test the perfume because the metal roller ball just wouldn't move/work! I don't think I was even the only one with this problem as I read a few reviews on the She Said Beauty website mentioning the same problem. But of course this isn't the fault of SSB but with the supplier of the perfume samples. So sadly I haven't even been able to use this.

She Said Beauty Box May

Green People SPF 15 Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator 20ml
(100ml size - £12.99 - here)
Another lovely product but sadly one I haven't been able to try out as the weather has been far from sunny. But this does smell very natural and also feels very light (I tried it on the back of my hand) also the tan accelerator aspect is really interesting as the product is of course natural. This will be going on my sample box for when I got on holiday later on in the year. 

 Natio Blue Lotus Soap 
(Full size soap - can be bought as a mixed trio £8.50 - here
 It is probably quite sad of me to get excited over seeing a bar of soap in a beauty box but for me this wasn't just any old soap, oh no no! This is a Natio soap that is SLS'-free and also huge. So huge in fact that I cut it in half. The smell for me was slightly on the 'grandma' side but nothing too bad but what I loved about this was how creamy it was! I've never had a soap as creamy before, really very nice. As the soap comes as part of a trio I don't think I would be ever buy this for myself but I know I will be buying this at Christmas as a gift for someone or splitting the three soaps up. I'm really glad I discovered this actually.

Snowberry mixed samples
I'm sure some people won't have known of Snowberry skincare before trying out the 3 little sachet samples but I already love, love, love their cleanser even though it is quite pricey. So I was really pleased to be able to try more from the brand. My samples consisted of - Bright Defence Day Cream no.1, Nourishing Lite Day Cream and Bright Defence Face Serum. I really enjoyed all of the samples but the day cream no.1 I really enjoyed as it was for oily skin and was really nice and light. Really nice to have samples from a brand I already really like. 

I really, really enjoyed that I knew of all the brands and that the products were current. For me this really made the box a huge treat. No brands I had never heard of or brands that only sold their product online. Also you have a bit of everything product and price wise. Plus three products are full size! For me this is the formula to a perfect box.  

My only negative would be the perfume sample that was faulty as it was just frustrating that the roller ball wouldn't move so I just couldn't use it at all. 

I really think She Said Beauty are on the money with their boxes because they always include a good range of products and always team up with great brands! 

Fee xo. 

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