ASOS Sale Bargains!


With having an ASOS Premier account (a one off fee for a years worth of next day delivery) I always have to restrain myself when sale time comes around. I just see all the bargains and think 'Ooo these could be in my hands tomorrow!'. 

So this month I have had to be especially strict with myself as the ASOS sale has been full of bargains. 

The above products are my favourite picks from the Beauty sale and the reason I am mentioning it today is the it's the last day for an extra 10% off plus there is free international delivery on at the moment, I am sure! 

Nip + Fab Multi Fix Oil

My only beauty purchase was the Nip + Fab Multi-Fix Oil (here) which I thought was a bargain for under £7.00 as it's one of those oils that can be used for all sorts. On the ends of the hair, for scars/stretchmarks, for spots, moisturizing the face, I'm sure removing makeup and anything else you can use an oil for! The only annoying thing is that it doesn't tell you what size the bottles are (you actually get the product as a pack of 3!) however from googling the product I am pretty sure it only comes in a 100ml bottle so that is 300ml for only £6.75!

I also picked up a dress for my mum's wedding, next month. Which will hopefully fit and look nice - if so I will have to show it on Makeup Savvy Extra

ASOS dress

As for the other products on sale... The Bliss set comes in two choices and is only £5.00 (here), the OPI NICKI Minaj Minis are reduced to £9.00 (here) I was so tempted to get them but I have too many nail polishes now. Also there are two lovely Models Own trio mini sets - the one above is from the Beetlejuice collection and is only £4.50 (here) and there is also a glitter trio for £5.50 (here).

I'm sure there are lots of other amazing bargains, but they are my favourite beauty ones. 

Non-beauty wise there are so many dresses that I wanted! Mainly by Mango as they are always good quality. Also don't do what I did and forget to put in the 10% off code (10SALE) and have to cancel the order and do it all over again! 

Fee xo.

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